Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Antichrist speaks; therefore the opposite must be true

Trent Loos: “What you don’t seem to understand mister Urbanite. The moral fiber of this country resides in Rural America. The folks in Rural America are independent thinking get it done ourselves kind of folks. The fact that we all seem to beat the same drum is because of the family centered God fearing life we have lived. Something I fear you Dave have never had the pleasure to experience”

Dave Warwak: “I understand Rural America is to blame for the lack of moral fiber in this country. The corpse-munchers in Rural America are brainwashed followers who can’t do anything themselves and rely on others to do things for them. The reason they all beat the same drum is because they find safety in numbers of their unquestioning acceptance of organized religion’s hereditary ignorance centered on the myth of a God that must be feared which they pretend to believe in. Unfortunately, I experience their hell daily”

Corpse-munching Trent Loos interviews Warwak on Rural Route Radio:

More on Loos-ifer here:

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  1. Nice!

    If I still have access to his profile when I go look in a second, I'm going to paste this to his profile along with my blog from yesterday. (He keeps removing it... I don't understand)

    Did he really say that?

  2. Yes, Trent really wrote that: