Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Barack Obama bullshits his way though a Town Hall Meeting on our Health Care Crisis

June 11, 2009 AD
Green Bay, WI

Barack Obama: there's a saying in Illinois I learned when I was down in a lot of rural communities, they said, "Just weighing a pig doesn't" -- "doesn't fatten it."


You can weigh it all the time, but it's not making the hog fatter.

But we've got to get our children into healthier habits. That, in turn, will lead to healthier adults.

But I think that this is extraordinarily important. We can all take steps to become healthier. And there's nothing wrong with us giving a little bit of a nudge in moving people in the direction of healthier lifestyles.

But, look, the -- you know, it's hard. And, you know, changing habits are hard. And it starts with our children, which is why, as part of our overall health care program, we've also got to talk about, for example, our school lunch programs. If -- and...


... you know, you're at the head of a school board, as well as a nurse, I know you're struggling with this, the cheapest way to feed all the kids is to have, you know, the frozen tater tots. And you get them out and you heat them up. And then you got pizza and fries. And then the soda companies, they all say, "We'll put in a free soda machine in there so the kids can have as much soda as they want." And, pretty soon, our kids are seeing their rates of type 2 diabetes skyrocket.

I'm always puzzled when people, you know, they go out there creating this bogeyman about how, you know, "Obama wants government-run every..." I don't want government to run stuff. Like I said, I've got enough stuff to do. I've got North Korea and I've got Iran and I've got Afghanistan and Iraq.

That's why it's so important. That's why we're going to get it done. That's why I need your help, Green Bay.


Thank you, everybody. God bless you.


Obama demands time to dine on his expensive foie gras and veal in privacy---while ensuring the cheapest food for all the kids in his already in place status quo 'no-work-needed-here' National School Lunch Program---while devoting his important time to waging his wars with our children.

Corpse-munching POTUS,

Thanks for setting us straight about your intentions to do nothing about the USDA's stranglehold on our nation's children, freeing yourself to focus your time on your wars ... with our children. Drop food for your Kenyan brother instead of bombs. But you wouldn't understand, war is not vegan.

How about I give you a little bit of a nudge in a healthier direction (nothing wrong with that). Go vegan already. I mean really, what the fuck does it take? It's not that hard considering you have the world's best cooks at your side feeding your wretched fucking corpse-hole all the time anyways. Just tell them to cook you vegan only. Not hard. Unless you are the Antichrist.

An unfortunate associate,

Amazingly enough, we have plenty of time to hit the trail promoting animal agriculture.

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  1. He LIES!!! And he does it so well.

    He knows. He doesn't care. HE'S EVIL!

  2. Oh I wonder if the tour will include a stop off at any one of the thousand manure lagoons or pig warehouses? I know the people in NC would love to have him visit... being that he's so good at fly swatting - They could use a guy like him!