Thursday, July 9, 2009

Veal-munching Michelle Obama orders-up more misery

Tagging along Barack at the G-8 Summit, baby animal muncher Michelle Obama ate veal again today for the third time in just three days.

Veal was featured twice on Michelle Meathead Obama's menus which were especially designed for the spouses of G8 leaders during the three-day corpse-munching summit in L'Aquila.

FLOTUS and POTUS have been on a crusade across the globe to ingest as much foie gras, veal, and death as any evil sort could ever dream of ordering-up.

Someone needs an intervention of sorts for their nasty habit of inflicting mass misery on others with regard only for her own selfish disconnected wants.

The child-rapist murdering bitch was then the guest of the corpse-munching couple Mayor Gianni Alemanno and wife Isabella Rauti Alemanno today at a dine-on-death-date at the Capitoline Museum in Rome munching on veal for the 3rd time in just 3 days.

Well at least, in the end, we can all get on our hands and knees and thank the sweet baby Jesus, Michelle Obama doesn't have any fur in her closet.

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  1. I predict that Michelle Obama will wear a fur coat this Winter. Anyone want to bet? She has never said she wouldn't, I know that AR people say that she won't wear fur, but I haven't heard her quoted saying that. Anyone have a quote?

  2. Stupid democrats, they ruin everything.