Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer months and E-coli ... Happy fucking Fourth of July

How many news stories did the newspapers run about the millions of pounds of ground up corpses recalled on July 2, 2008? The apathetic corpse-munchers were too busy running stories of July 4th fireworks, parades and barbeque celebrations, and of course running their food sale advertisements and venue ads. Hmmm … can it be vegan news might put a damper on their corpse-munching fun and advertising dollars? Capitalism highly refined at whose expense?

And here we are a year later in 2009 AD and we have zero coverage in local newspapers of the big recalls aready filtering in these hot summer E-coli months ... meanwhile Smithfield's Swine Flu Virus is growing in the USA and leading the way with 170 deaths with 43 in New York - hub to the world. Where are the travel restrictions?

Anyways ... watch out for door knobs and handling money! Wash your hands. Never mind refridgerated rotting pig parts as long as you cook them to 170 degrees - although you still have to handle in defrosted state when things mutate and become airborn. Never mind the horrible conditions in factory farms breeding deadly viruses that are passed back and forth between birds, pigs, and people. Never mind the 143 million lbs of mad cow burger served to children in public schools recalled after the fact. Never mind those trusting children might only have 8 years left before developing always 100% fatal vCJD. Never mind.

Happy fucking Fourth of July!

This is as bad as it gets.

Read more:

Jul 1, 2009 037-2009, Traditions Pre-Packaged Meal Products (Salmonella)

Jun 25, 2009 034-2009, JBS Swift Beef Products (E. coli O157:H7)
Jun 28, 2009 (Expanded)

Jun 24, 2009 035-2009, Sausage Product (undercooked)

Jun 22 2009 033-2009, Ground Beef Products (E. coli O157:H7)

Jun 8, 2009 030-2009, Snow Creek Meat Processing Fresh Beef Trim (E. coli O157:H7)

Jun 5, 2009 029-2009, Cameco, Inc. Ready-to-Eat Meat and Poultry Products, various (underprocessing)

Jun 3, 2009 028-2009, Duck Leg Confit; Hungarian Brand Kolbase (Listeria)

Jun 2, 2009 027-2009, SP Provisions Ground Beef Products (E. coli O157:H7)

May 29, 2009 025-2009, 20-pound cases of 100% PURE GROUND BEEF BULK (foreign materials)

May 22, 2009 023-2009, Paisano Meat Beef and Pork Products (undeclared sulfites)

May 21, 2009 022-2009, Valley Meats Ground Beef Products (E. coli O157:H7)

May 12, 2009 R01-2009, Bob's Food City Ground Beef Products (E. coli O157:H7)

May 4, 2009 019-2009, A & G Brand Ground Beef Products (E. coli O157:H7)

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  1. Oh - and don't forget the "2 cutting boards" - now that's the ticket to solve all our problems. Traitors to freedom & truth that they all are: Happy Fucking Fourth - indeed!

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