Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wikipedia's milk-chugger/strip-miner: Hereditary ignorance wishes Warwak was never born

Corpse-munchers and/or fellow vegans take exception to my Wikipedia page (one embittered vegan even tried vandalizing/blanking my page) and have put it up for speedy deletion on October 5th.

Fired from my job, blackballed from surrounding schools, banned and erased from Facebook and the Vegan Freaks, ALF, PPK, Vegan Represent, and PeTA forums, as well as canned from the TPC and all writings deleted, this should come as no surprise as most---corpse-munchers and vegans alike---don’t like my message of being honest with children. A message so frightening, it must be erased from the internet.

It is hoped---and worked hard for---that the only vegan stories remaining on the web are those of how vegans kill their babies with vegansim and of course, that Hitler was a vegetarian. This is how it continues ...

Current butchered Wikipedia page up for speedy deletion October 5th:

What was my Wikipedia page a few weeks back:

Seems Wikipedia's abuser kelapstick, a milk jug promoter and strip-miner from Nevada is the pus-chugging robber-of-life who is working hard to have me erased.

In all fairness, I am no Joe the Plumber

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Through discovery comes ownership

As part of my preparations/hoop-jumping to become a certified public school teacher, I was required to take educational theory classes to better understand how students learn best. Much of the educational theory I learned in college didn’t mean much at the time; however, once I began teaching I saw the value of some of the ideas I learned years earlier. One such idea is that the best learning comes through discovery in which the student attains ownership in their ideas.

Imagine the power of people discovering veganism on their own and realizing ownership.

People go vegan in many ways. Maybe a friend or family member introduced them to veganism. Perhaps a stranger handed them a brochure or maybe they heard their favorite celebrity talk about animal rights. Some people discover veganism all by themselves.

The internet is the perfect place for discovering veganism. People do searches on certain unrelated terms and stumble upon animal rights and/or veganism and may or may not continue looking depending on their interest level or the web site’s appeal. The key to getting people to go vegan is to spark their curiosity so they will take it upon themselves to investigate and discover veganism by their own efforts ultimately attaining ownership.

When sparking curiosity, less is often more. This is what makes my business cards so effective. Another effective variation of the card is worded for parents:

Front reads: Want your child to live 10-12 years longer?
Back reads: Go to your favorite search engine and look-up "vegan"

“The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards” Anatole France

We are living in the information age and the truth shall set us free.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

What do vegans do for fun anyways?

I always get these weird questions. Like, "What do vegans eat anyways?" and, "What do vegans do for fun?"

I tell them we do all the same things corpse-munchers do, except without all the senseless murder and we get to live longer in the process.

We write, teach, work ... and some of us play guitar and are painters.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Illinois State Board of Education is on record that children can live 10 to 12 years longer on vegan diet

Excerpts fromPeep Show For Children Only” – Dr. T. Colin Campbell PhD. testifies under oath at ISBE hearings and the “China Study” is now in evidence and property of the state. The State of Illinois is guilty of crimes against humanity for their inaction in these affairs now that ignorance can no longer be claimed.

MR. WARWAK: Do you think that if the athletes, when they're young and they don't try the vegan diet, that they're putting their life at risk maybe by five, ten years less?

MR. RILEY: Objection.


MR. RILEY: Move to strike the answer, objection. Same objection. He's been proffered to talk about the milk posters. Dr. Campbell has been proffered to talk about the milk posters. You have made your rulings multiple times, Mr. Simon, on this point. It's not about a vegan diet or plant based diet.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: I don't see any reference to vegan diet or plant based diet in the exhibit Respondent 5. It's limited to dairy products.

MR. WARWAK: We just entered this exhibit in and it says vegan on the top of it.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: I just limited your questioning, Mr. Warwak.


ARBITRATOR SIMON: The milk posters.


MR. WARWAK: When an athlete sees a milk mustache poster, does he believe that milk will be good?

MR. RILEY: Objection as to what an athlete believes when he sees a milk poster. Form of the question.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: Sustained. The witness can't know what an athlete might think.

MR. WARWAK: Do you think that it's wise to have an athlete promoting milk on a poster?


MR. WARWAK: Why not?

DR. CAMPBELL: Well, we now have excellent evidence, for example, as published in the literature to show that on average people do live in fact 10 to 12 years longer who are consuming, you know, a vegan-like diet. That means no dairy, by the way.

MR. WARWAK: Excellent.

And later ...

ARBITRATOR SIMON: We are back on the record. It is 12:50 p.m. A couple housekeeping things before we resume to Warwak's cross examination. First of all, Ms. Rogers has given me the last two pages of Respondent's Exhibit 8, so I now have all eight pages of Dr. Campbell's curriculum vitae.

MR. WARWAK: Did you want a copy of the book?

ARBITRATOR SIMON: And -- that was my next item. I indicated that I was accepting the China Study as exhibits, and that will be marked as Respondent's Exhibit 10.

(Whereupon Respondent's Exhibit No. 10 was offered and received into evidence.)

ARBITRATOR SIMON: Mr. Riley, do you have any additional exhibit stickers? Also, Mr. Warwak, you had presented what you had previously identified as WI-2, which was the April, I presume April 2008 lunch menu?


ARBITRATOR SIMON: Are you proffering that as an exhibit?


ARBITRATOR SIMON: Do you have any objections?

MR. RILEY: Relevance.

MR. WARWAK: We talked about it earlier and no one objected when we were talking about the lunch program not having a choice, a vegan offering at the Algonquin Road School, and it wasn't objected to then, I just thought it would make sense to have a visual for that discussion. It was already in the record.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: This is the menu for Algonquin Road School?

MR. WARWAK: Correct.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: Okay, I'll take the exhibit. Mark this as Respondent's 2. And I am correct that this is the April 2008 menu.

(Whereupon Respondent Exhibit No. 2 was offered and received into evidence.)

read more, "Peep Show For Children Only"

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I once believed that ...

... I will live forever.

... people want to know the truth.

... fishing is cool.

... the best diet is Atkins.

... people can be trusted.

... my government has my best interests at heart.

... Obama is cool.

... Santa Claus is real.

... animals are meant for food.

... peace is best achieved by force.

... parents have open minds when dealing with their children’s health/lives/futures.

... schools put children first.

... milk builds strong bones.

... vaccinations are a good thing.

... teachers are lifelong learners who care---less about money and more about their students---enough to be honest.

... when people find out about veganism, they will care enough to change.

... somethings are more important than food.

... everything is okay.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Excerpts from "Peep Show For Children Only"

MR. RILEY: We have something we'd like to discuss on the record, too, if that's okay, Mr. Simon. This morning Mr. Warwak, who owns the yellow Harley motorcycle that's out in front, was going up and down the street, Orchard Street, directly in front of the school, middle school, gunning and revving it up and down for a period of probably about ten minutes. Had to call the police to notify them that this was going on. We would have called the police to notify them that anybody who was gunning the motorcycle up and down in front of the middle school. It has an intimidating on effect on any student because they can all hear it and it is intended to have an intimidating effect on these students. And we would like to discuss the question of what kind of order you could enter to prohibit Mr. Warwak from doing these types of things and engaging in these kind of antics designed to intimidate these students. Every single one at that school hears this. And he was also -- I want also to say something else. Monday he was outside the school taking photographs. And we mentioned this originally. Taking photographs of the kids. He has a sign that was placed across the street that's on private property, meat is murder, milk is misery. And he's out there taking photographs of kids as they're entering and leaving the school. We can't have this in a middle school environment.


MR. WARWAK: Regarding pictures, I don't have any pictures. I didn't take any pictures. Regarding --

MR. RILEY: Did you have a camera? Did you have a camera?

MR. WARWAK: Excuse me, I'm talking. I'm trying to answer to your charges. In regards to going down the street, I was -- I arranged with the person that lives across the street to remove the sign. And when I had drove down the street, I had timed it to where I would get here a little early but I didn't want to get so early that the students were there. I saw the kids were already in the building at that point and Dr. Mahaffy was standing out there alone. There were no students really out there. And I had to go to the house right next door to take the sign down. And I didn't want to come in contact with any students so I went around the block, then I went to that house and I took down that sign. I didn't do anything criminal.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: How many times did you go up and down the street?

MR. WARWAK: I went around the street one time to make sure that the students were all in and then I went to that house and I took down that sign.

MR. RILEY: It's right in the morning when the kids are entering school. We all know this. And also there's no excuse for – I still don't think I had an answer to the question of whether or not he had a camera in his hand at the time.

MR. WARWAK: I didn't take any pictures.

MR. RILEY: Did you have a camera and did it -- my question is, were you making it appear that you were taking photographs of the kids?

MR. WARWAK: No, I did not.

MR. RILEY: Did you have a camera in your hand?

MR. WARWAK: I object to this line of questioning.

MR. RILEY: This is terribly intimidating to these kids, and we can see the effect -- you know, how nervous they are to begin with. This is really -- I have to say this, it's outrageous.

MR. WARWAK: If I am prohibited from being within a certain distance of the school, you can issue an order to that and I'll stay away from that distance. I have a right to ride down the street and go to someone's house that is not even on school property.

MR. RILEY: And to intimidate fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade kids in this hearing. He could have gone any time.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: Mr. Warwak, all I can really do is ask you to not engage in any conduct that could be construed as intimidating any of the witnesses, whether they're children or adults in this case. I don't know how much more authority I have, Mr. Riley.

MR. RILEY: We could order him not to come within 200 -- two blocks of the school while this hearing is going on. I think Mr. Warwak said he would abide by that. He said he would abide by other orders and hasn't done that either.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: Would you agree to that, Mr. Warwak?

MR. WARWAK: I agree not to go on school property but when it comes to driving down the road or visiting a friend that lives across the street, I can't agree to that. That would be against the law.

MR. RILEY: He could do it not -- not between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: I think the extent of my authority as a hearing officer, I'm not a judge, is related to this hearing. And I think all I can ask you to do is or direct you to do is to refrain from any actions that could be construed as intimidating any of the children at the school, teachers, or any other witnesses.


MR. RILEY: Thank you, Mr. Simon.


Peep Show For Children Only

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Friday, September 18, 2009

ED declares Warwak the internet’s most infamous vegan terrorist

And this from the pretty funny Encyclopedia Dramatica web site:

Dave Warwak - The internet’s most infamous vegan terrorist. It is not an exaggeration to say that Warwak hates and is hated by absolutely everybody – including other extreme animal right activists such as PETA. Warwak was even banned from the Vegan Freak forum for being too extreme, which is saying a lot considering members of this forum force vegan diets on their pets.

What makes Warwak so very, very interesting is that you do not have to insult him in order to incur his wrath - you don't even have to disagree with him or even contact him. No, all you need is to do in order to feel this love of justice is to merely exist.

While Dave has been the cancer on the asshole of the internet for some time know, his increasingly retarded and fundamentalist views are becoming more and more public following the Peep-Show incident.

Read more here

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Further excerpts from “Shall We Eat Flesh?” Rational Living Library, B. Liber 1934

Radicals or revolutionists who believe in justice for men and who exclude the animals are only half-enlightened. The meat habit, handed down from a reactionary past, is being encouraged by interested capitalists. But progressive people and intelligent proletarians ought to break down all such cruelties inherited from a dark antiquity. A new world will need new modes of living.


Vegetarism is not merely a cranky or narrow food theory. It is a philosophy and its scope is as wide as the world. Its principals may be applied all through life and shape our personal conduct in all our affairs and relations with other people as well as the duties of society toward the individual. A thinker will apply his food thoughts to the rights of his mate and child, to those of his fellowmen and fellow animals.

A thinker should not be indifferent to the origin of the food which is going into his flesh and blood and upon which his physical strength and even his mental make-up will depend.


Of course, a vegetarian is against war. But not necessarily so and I am not certain whether all vegetarians will say that this is an absolute. I am convinced that a worker who is class-conscious will not oppose class war when necessary, even if he is a vegetarian. At any rate, if a vegetarian does oppose war, let him not hide away behind an excuse. If at all possible, he should openly refuse service and take the consequences. Even the “red cross” chapter during war time belongs to war and is an unsuitable work for vegetarians who are objectors.


True vegetarians cannot be religious. All important religions have been and are cruel and have encouraged killing and meat-eating and slave-driving and economic exploitation and “untouchability” of pariahs---and have sided with the oppressors.


Vegetarism has nothing to do with religion, except to be opposed to it and to its great harm. If a divinity had ordered me to abstain from meat, that would be vegetarism by force. The true vegetarian needs no commands. He is convinced both by reason and by sentiment.

The Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill.” But that never meant not to kill animals---and most Jews and Christians and most believers in the Bible are meat-eaters. It did not even mean not to kill man---during war time. “Jehovah is a warrior,” says the same book, which is full of all sorts of horrible cruelties. And does not the Bible and do not other related books prescribe just how to kill the animals for food and sacrifice to the God of the same Bible?


We---the cranks? We---the fanatics?


There are no worse cranks than the meat-eaters in spite of the fact that they are in the majority. Particularly those who are informed from practical experience, and from scientific work that flesh is unnecessary and still fear not to be sufficiently nourished on a vegetarian or lacto-vegetarian diet and think they must have meat food.

Fanatics are those who in our times of technical progress, when animal food is no longer a necessity, continue to insist, under more or less “logical” excuses, on sacrificing life for eating purposes, just the same as their poor, ignorant, helpless, non-civilized, primitive ancestors did.

"Shall We Eat Flesh?" Rational Living Library, B. Liber 1934
Benzion Liber, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at New York. Born in 1875, Liber was a Romanian Jewish Socialist, nicknamed "The People's Doctor" who worked at the Polyclinic Hospital and was a practicing physician in New York since 1904.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

And even more excerpts from “Shall We Eat Flesh?” Rational Living Library, B. Liber 1934

What proofs have you personally of the harmlessness of a vegetarian diet for the health of large numbers of people?

Harmlessness? It would be more correct to say usefulness or superiority. I cannot help repeating that during thirty years of a busy medical practice in New York, with over a hundred and fifty thousand consultations, not to speak of previous years and of my experience outside my practice, I have come in contact with tens of thousands of cases of disease where the discontinuance of meat-eating has been undoubtedly directly responsible for a healing or an improvement of the condition. And that is no exaggeration, as I have studied my cases closely, taking notes and figures concerning them. Of the hundreds of vegetarian---mostly lacto-vegetarian---children who have passed through my hands, I have followed many almost from babyhood to adult age. Most of them were children of vegetarian parents. Some were vegetarians by themselves. All of these children have become young men and women, physically healthier than the average, mentally bright, happy, almost always taller, stronger, better built than their parents and than other members of their families. During their childhood they were almost free from the common diseases and, when ill, had but little trouble in getting rid of their ailments. They certainly are the flower of humanity.


The large and successful vegetarian co-operative fruit and vegetable producing colony “Eden” near Oranienburg, Germany (not far from Berlin) was 36 years old at the advent of Nazism. It was one of the rare places in Germany where meat, alcoholic beverages and tobacco could not be obtained. There was no church and no policeman. They had co-operative stores and a co-operative fruit cannery. The land belonged to the colony. It could neither be bought nor sold by individual colonists. The worker on the land received the full product of his toil. The hundreds of children raised there were in good health and normal in every respect. The vegetarian community was particularly proud of its Kindergarten, “Vegetarische Kinderheim.” It differed from other places of this sort “in that the children had more freedom; that they were treated kindly and individually; that they were most of the time in the open, in contact with nature; that, while playing farmers, they grew up to be real farmers, that they ate vegetarian food which they helped their teacher-friend to prepare.”

"Shall We Eat Flesh?" Rational Living Library, B. Liber 1934
Benzion Liber, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at New York. Born in 1875, Liber was a Romanian Jewish Socialist, nicknamed "The People's Doctor" who worked at the Polyclinic Hospital and was a practicing physician in New York since 1904.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What is Humane Education?

Humane education makes the acquisition of relevant knowledge, skills, and commitment to living ethically, sustainably, and peaceably on this planet the very purpose of education. It does this by infusing the curricula at all levels of education with meaningful information, inspiration, and tools for creating a safe and humane world for all.

Humane education examines the challenges facing our planet, from human oppression and animal exploitation to materialism and ecological degradation. It explores how we might live with compassion and respect for everyone: not just our friends and neighbors, but all people; not just our own dogs and cats, but all animals; not just our own homes, but also the earth itself, our ultimate home.

Humane education helps raise a generation that cares, that realizes that what we do matters, not just to ourselves but also to everyone our lives touch; a generation that understands the connections between both our personal and cultural choices and the fate of other people, other species, and the Earth, and takes responsibility for creating a better world. Humane education achieves these goals by inspiring people to identify the values that will guide them through life and by teaching them the process of embodying these values in the face of complex problems and needs.

The birth of humane education as a national effort dates back to 1915. In that year, “Be Kind to Animals Week” was inspired Dr. William O’Stillman, leader of the American Humane Association. AHA’s primary goals were: visiting local schools to promote the development of humane education and publicizing the good works of the nation’s humane societies.

Quality humane education uses a four-element approach that includes:

• Providing accurate information about the interrelated issues of human rights, environmental preservation, animal protection, and culture.

• Teaching critical thinking so students can discern fact from opinion and resist forms of manipulation, whether from advertising, media, peers, or social norms.

• Inspiring the 3 Rs of reverence, respect, and responsibility so students will have both the passion for, and the commitment to, bringing about positive change.

• Offering choices for both individual decision-making and group problem-solving so that students can become part of a growing effort to develop sustainable, peaceful, and humane systems by which to live.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Local public schools blow-off state of Illinois' school codes


(105 ILCS 5/27-12)
Sec. 27-12. Character education. Every public school teacher shall teach character education, which includes the teaching of respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, trustworthiness, and citizenship, in order to raise pupils’ honesty, kindness, justice, discipline, respect for others, and moral courage for the purpose of lessening crime and raising the standard of good character.
(Source: P.A. 94-187, eff. 7-12-05.)

(105 ILCS 5/27-13.1)
Sec. 27-13.1. In every public school there shall be instruction, study and discussion of current problems and needs in the conservation of natural resources, including but not limited to air pollution, water pollution, waste reduction and recycling, the effects of excessive use of pesticides, preservation of wilderness areas, forest management, protection of wildlife and humane care of domestic animals.
(Source: P.A. 86-229.)

(105 ILCS 5/27-14)
Sec. 27-14. Experiments upon animals.
No experiment upon any living animal for the purpose of demonstration in any study shall be made in any public school. No animal provided by, or killed in the presence of any pupil of a public school shall be used for dissection in such school, and in no case shall dogs or cats be killed for such purposes. Dissection of dead animals, or parts thereof, shall be confined to the classroom and shall not be practiced in the presence of any pupil not engaged in the study to be illustrated thereby.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 31.)

(105 ILCS 5/27-15)
Sec. 27-15. Moral and humane education - In institute programs. The superintendent of each region and city shall include once each year moral and humane education in the program of the teachers’ institute which is held under his supervision.
(Source: P.A. 79-597.)

(105 ILCS 5/27-18)
Sec. 27-18. Arbor and bird day.
The Governor shall annually designate by official proclamation a day in the spring to be known as “Arbor and Bird Day,” to be observed throughout the State as a day for planting trees, shrubs and vines about public grounds, and as a day on which to hold appropriate exercises in the public schools and elsewhere tending to show the value of trees and birds and the necessity for their protection.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 31.)

"For example, schools can incorporate nutrition education into numerous daily classroom activities such as math, health, geography and science, by developing lesson plans involving fruits and vegetables"

If these things were really being taught in our schools, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in now.
Why is there such silence/action on these issues? Because you can not expect to tell children to be respectful of all things and then turn around 5 minutes later at lunch time and serve them chopped up-animals. Too, the system is in place and most food directors are closed-minded apathetic ignorant corpse-munchers themselves. Food service directors (usually uneducated cooks, yet to teach Home Economics, Foods, Health, Science, … one needs a degree) are really ambassadors/representatives of the school teaching the children what the school thinks they should eat. And that they should not care about animals. And that milk is good for you.

Fearful of losing respect/control, in that vegan students would have higher moral ground than their corpse-munching teachers, schools hide veganism from children. How embarrassing. And the poor decision making gets support at all levels including the schools' administrations who view the USDA's National School Lunch Program as a money maker. Often lunch sales/profits (from small schools who profit $100,000 to larger districts who crank in millions every year) do not get put back into the lunch program; but, are instead diverted to other line-items within their budgets - a source of income and something to take personal and protect at all costs.

It is really all about money - not about children. Children are next to last on the list, right before animals at the very bottom.

"Not only at Fox River Grove Middle School but also in thousands of schools across the country, corporate agribusiness has run amok in the attempt to utilize public education as a place to establish the naturalization of commercial meat and dairy as lifelong eating habits, to generate increased sales, to subsidize the food industry against decreased producer prices, as well as to funnel below-health standards food not fit for public sale. Warwak was correct to demand the riddance of the Dairy Council’s posters as they had in fact already been targeted for removal from approximately 105,000 public schools by the Federal Trade Commission." Richard Kahn PhD, University of North Dakota

“I found it troubling and problematic that while Warwak was educating his students about the food that they eat and its effects on their health, the principal's main concern was not about the well-being of his students but that there would be a backlash against the school's lunch program” Aaron Finke

And lastly, superintendents and principals hide Humane Education from teachers, as do, state universities who are in charge of delivering truth in education when preparing future teachers. How embarrassing that Northern Illinois University neglects to embrace the state’s vision for our future by never mentioning Humane Education in their requisite course work for new teachers.

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Louisiana schools deem to ignore children and dumb animals

At the core of all curriculums, lies the state's school code. Taking a look at Louisiana's, it seems the corpse-munchers in charge do as they deem appropriate when dealing with children and dumb animals. Not vegan


266. Kindness to dumb animals

The state board of education may take such steps as it may think necessary and wise to provide for the teaching of kindness to dumb animals in the public schools, it being understood that the state superintendent of education, by the direction of the board, will issue such suggestions and furnish such information to the superintendents and teachers as the board may deem appropriate and necessary.

Wow, I was worried the children were not receiving Humane Education. Now I can sleep better.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

More excerpts from “Shall We Eat Flesh?” Rational Living Library, B. Liber 1934

Children are often born vegetarians. They are in love with other animals. They talk to them, and understand them.

How tragic it is to take their pet, their friend, their animal-comrade and kill it for food, as it is often done! The anecdote about the child and its pet chicken is not a joke: Overhearing arrangements for tomorrow’s dinner, “Oh, mummy, not Jane! I’ve known her since she was an egg.”

Many children would never eat meat if not forced. They feel a fraternity between themselves and the animals. When you call an unspoiled child a “pig,” he is happy. He would like to be a pig.

It is just as irrational to give a child war-toys, as it is to put into his hands butchers’ blocks with imitation slaughtering tools, as I have seen it done. Of course, it depends on the spirit in which it is done. Even playing with live rabbit pets or fish in a bowl, which may seem innocent, can be encouraged in the wrong way and changed into atrocity.

When we are taught to hate or despise animals, we libel them, especially if we compare them to man and lend them our qualities or defects. All the fables in which animals are villains, are stupid and grotesque misrepresentations and calumnies.

In many families children are vegetarians of their own accord and in spite of the great opposition of their parents and their entire environment, in spite of ridicule and even corporal punishment or enlisting their doctors to scare them---and they fare well.

"Shall We Eat Flesh?" Rational Living Library, B. Liber 1934
Benzion Liber, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at New York. Born in 1875, Liber was a Romanian Jewish Socialist, nicknamed "The People's Doctor" who worked at the Polyclinic Hospital and was a practicing physician in New York since 1904.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

For those who comment, we salute you ...

By Justin Kendall

​This week made me want to reach for the jar of crazy lady pills, mostly due to the hyperbolic rhetoric of the drug-'em-don't-kill-'em protesters at the Johnson County parks board meeting this week (Carolyn Szczepanski's "Last night's protest: Deer defenders at JoCo parks meeting"). Take this comment from "warwak."

"Look what corpse-munchers do to loving cows, chickens, pigs, and other partners on this planet we all have the privilege of sharing. Corpse-munchers do not know how to conduct themselves in the Universe. We search in outer space for other life forms; yet, most apathetic pus-chuggers ignore the many amazing beings right here on Earth. All corpse-munchers really care about is how that one will taste. Corpse-munchers are so disconnected they can't even stand having deer wander through their packed lives."
Uh, OK. Leave it to our favorite blogger grouch, Midtown Miscreant, to put the animal love into perspective.

I think the comments from warwak put things in perspective. If you eat meat you are a corpse muncher. These clowns go to a meeting, are specifically asked to conduct themselves respectfully, so they proceed to yell, shout, call people killers and generally act like idiots. How do these people expect anyone to give them a shred of credibility when they go out of their way to show their ass? While I agree that bow hunting is probably not the most humane way to go, their argument is lost in their moronic behavior. Miller is an Anarchist, his website compares the plight of Animals to Apartheid. nuff said.

Midtown, we owe you a veggie burger.

The Pitch Kansas City Blog

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Excerpts from “Shall We Eat Flesh?” Rational Living Library, B. Liber 1934

Our best propaganda is the “propaganda by the deed”---just by being a vegetarian everywhere. All meat-eaters with some intelligence and sense of justice feel guilty in the presence of a vegetarian. They always begin to apologize without the least provocation: “I eat but little meat. I cannot stop it on account of my circumstances.” They are always on the defensive.


In your enlightening work do not disregard the children. They may be and often are the best vegetarians without our teachings, but, generally, it is not difficult to make them see your point.


Generally, persons who have not been vegetarians from their youth will not go to the trouble of adopting a new way of eating in advanced age. It is rare that such people should make an effort to change their habits. They are too conservative. Vegetarism is a revolution, a symbol of youth, of life and enthusiasm for a living idea. Only those young in spirit are capable of taking it up aggressively, confronting the surrounding scoffers and living it with their entire being.


Those of us who eat eggs and milk products are guilty of forcing people to keep, and indirectly also to kill, animals.


Whenever possible, it is best to reach an understanding about vegetarism before mating.


As soon as one sees the truth contained in vegetarism and continues to eat meat, he is no longer innocent and ignorant of his mistake. He is guilty of crime.


You may say the vegetarian is a sentimental, and therefore weak-willed, individual. Yes, he is sentimental. But he has a strong will-power as he is not going with the current, but against it, not imitating the unthinking flesh-eating majority or submitting to the dictates of the ignorant masses.


They think they accomplish much by living a life apart from the rest of their fellow-men, adopt an attitude of superiority and are satisfied with their capacity not to soil their bodies with corpses.

They are, if they remain unchanged, forever paralyzed in their self-admiration and condemned to a limited activity and to mental sterility.

Their vegetarism is so strictly vegetarian, so unconcerned with larger human problems, that it is really non-vegetarian. They are so much in love with peace, that, by their silence and tolerance of the great social crime against the exploited class, they are criminals and are on the side of the criminal class, and are waging war against those who are chained and enslaved.


"Shall We Eat Flesh?" Rational Living Library, B. Liber 1934
Benzion Liber, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at New York. Born in 1875, Liber was a Romanian Jewish Socialist, nicknamed "The People's Doctor" who worked at the Polyclinic Hospital and was a practicing physician in New York since 1904.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Bruised egos hurt animals

Thomas Paine's Corner deleted every article (over 20) I authored for their blog over the past few months. All the brilliant---and some, not too swift---comments left by other readers were also deleted.

One embittered TPC thug even abandoned the animals to waste precious time vandalizing/blanking my Wiki page. Original page here.

How is deleting my writings helping the animals? I was able to retrieve this article I wrote for the TPC. And this one. And this, and this one.

Must have really struck a nerve. Everything was cool until I mentioned nonviolent creative solutions instead of bashing others within our own movement. Seems that is one bridge the TPC is not interested in. Such nonsense will not be tolerated by the Nazi censorship state. Step in line, repeat ... I am not very creative. I have been honest with children and tried everything else to the best of my abilities but nothing works. I must be violent like my peers because violence always works. Violence sets a great example for children and they will grow-up peaceful. Violence is vegan. I will change the world with violence ... I am not very creative. I have been honest with children and tried everything else to the best of my abilities but nothing works. I must be violent like my peers because violence always works. Violence sets a great example for children and they will grow-up peaceful. Violence is vegan. I will change the world with violence ... I am not very creative. I have been honest with children and tried everything else to the best of my abilities but nothing works. I must be violent like my peers because violence always works. Violence sets a great example for children and they will grow-up peaceful. Violence is vegan. I will change the world with violence ...

This from TPC:
"I’m sorry, Dave, but I believe a parting of the ways is in order here. I’m asking you to resign from TPC’s editorial collective. It would be in the best interests of you and the rest of us. Steve [Steven Best, University of Texas at El Paso - aka: Rev. O'Lution], being my mentor and close ally, and hence my chief advisor in the context of TPC, agreed that this is what needs to happen. We wish you no ill will and want the break to be as amicable as possible. Best regards, Jason"

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" Gandhi

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Laundry detergent for the stone-throwers

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it" Buddha

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