Saturday, September 5, 2009

Violence, demons, corpse-munchers, poseurs, and bullies afraid of children and schools

Changing education is one path to peace

Humane Education reinforced with a vegan school lunch will create a generation that cares enough to save themselves and Earth. A corpse-muncher is born every eight seconds in the USA keeping a steady flow through our indoctrination centers – what most call schools. The real war should be with our local school boards, but most vegans are too afraid to approach schools and/or children for that matter; and some of these same fearful sorts who were raised on violence somehow muster-up enough gumption/audacity to post hate on the web in hopes of rallying others into violence---once again, too afraid to carry it out themselves---claiming nothing else works all the while avoiding the children.

Demonize corpse-munchers

Demonizing corpse-munchers (including friends, co-workers, and family) changes behaviors and just as smoking became undesirable, so too will corpse-munching. The demand for death will fall as attitudes change. I personally don’t have any corpse-munching friends – I just don’t trust them. The biggest targets to demonize are our leaders who pass corpse-munching legislation, especially Obama who knows all about veganism and chooses to talk and carry out corpse-munching E-coli.

Tell children about veganism

No one can stop anyone from telling the truth to those with open hearts and minds who are not yet fully brainwashed and who haven’t yet eaten several thousand animals. Think of all the lives that are spared when a child goes vegan. Don’t you wish someone told you about veganism when you were young?

Violence is not vegan

Small-minded poseurs that talk shit about violence - I say just go do it already---action speaks louder than words---and we'll read about the low-based thinker that only knows violence who blew-up a car or sent an anonymous death threat. It’s just more time-wasting childish embarrassing middle-school garbage behavior that only sets a bad example for the children. Violence flies in the face of veganism.

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  1. Since you seem to be pushing vegetarianism pretty hard, I assume you've researched information on what I'm about to ask you.

    If everyone stopped eating meat, what would you suggest people who used to work in meat production do? I'm not talking only about animal farms, but all associated industries which may include people who manufacture equipment related to meat production, the fishing industry and related fishing equipment industry and people who make a living out of meat sales?

    Also, are you advocating vegetarianism because of health benefits, environmental concerns or humane concerns? From your 'about me' sidebar it seems you have issues concerning everything except the health benefits of eating a vegetable only diet. I would have thought that this was one of the major benefits regarding a vegetarian diet?

  2. Mr. Warwack is advocating veganism for all of the above reasons you listed. Research this website and other sites to obtain information about veganism. The associated meat industries would close ,of course, if everyone stopped eating meat. The people who worked in those industries would have to find other skills. It is not impossible. Surely you are not implying that we should have concerns about how slaughter house workers will have their sustenance?
    Of course he has researched information on this! Your tone seems angry.
    I am not answering for Warwack I am just a vegan reader.

  3. Technically, the word "Corpse" can refer to any dead, lifeless body, including those of plants.

    You, Mr. Warwak, are also a corpse-muncher.