Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Illinois State Board of Education is on record that children can live 10 to 12 years longer on vegan diet

Excerpts fromPeep Show For Children Only” – Dr. T. Colin Campbell PhD. testifies under oath at ISBE hearings and the “China Study” is now in evidence and property of the state. The State of Illinois is guilty of crimes against humanity for their inaction in these affairs now that ignorance can no longer be claimed.

MR. WARWAK: Do you think that if the athletes, when they're young and they don't try the vegan diet, that they're putting their life at risk maybe by five, ten years less?

MR. RILEY: Objection.


MR. RILEY: Move to strike the answer, objection. Same objection. He's been proffered to talk about the milk posters. Dr. Campbell has been proffered to talk about the milk posters. You have made your rulings multiple times, Mr. Simon, on this point. It's not about a vegan diet or plant based diet.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: I don't see any reference to vegan diet or plant based diet in the exhibit Respondent 5. It's limited to dairy products.

MR. WARWAK: We just entered this exhibit in and it says vegan on the top of it.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: I just limited your questioning, Mr. Warwak.


ARBITRATOR SIMON: The milk posters.


MR. WARWAK: When an athlete sees a milk mustache poster, does he believe that milk will be good?

MR. RILEY: Objection as to what an athlete believes when he sees a milk poster. Form of the question.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: Sustained. The witness can't know what an athlete might think.

MR. WARWAK: Do you think that it's wise to have an athlete promoting milk on a poster?


MR. WARWAK: Why not?

DR. CAMPBELL: Well, we now have excellent evidence, for example, as published in the literature to show that on average people do live in fact 10 to 12 years longer who are consuming, you know, a vegan-like diet. That means no dairy, by the way.

MR. WARWAK: Excellent.

And later ...

ARBITRATOR SIMON: We are back on the record. It is 12:50 p.m. A couple housekeeping things before we resume to Warwak's cross examination. First of all, Ms. Rogers has given me the last two pages of Respondent's Exhibit 8, so I now have all eight pages of Dr. Campbell's curriculum vitae.

MR. WARWAK: Did you want a copy of the book?

ARBITRATOR SIMON: And -- that was my next item. I indicated that I was accepting the China Study as exhibits, and that will be marked as Respondent's Exhibit 10.

(Whereupon Respondent's Exhibit No. 10 was offered and received into evidence.)

ARBITRATOR SIMON: Mr. Riley, do you have any additional exhibit stickers? Also, Mr. Warwak, you had presented what you had previously identified as WI-2, which was the April, I presume April 2008 lunch menu?


ARBITRATOR SIMON: Are you proffering that as an exhibit?


ARBITRATOR SIMON: Do you have any objections?

MR. RILEY: Relevance.

MR. WARWAK: We talked about it earlier and no one objected when we were talking about the lunch program not having a choice, a vegan offering at the Algonquin Road School, and it wasn't objected to then, I just thought it would make sense to have a visual for that discussion. It was already in the record.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: This is the menu for Algonquin Road School?

MR. WARWAK: Correct.

ARBITRATOR SIMON: Okay, I'll take the exhibit. Mark this as Respondent's 2. And I am correct that this is the April 2008 menu.

(Whereupon Respondent Exhibit No. 2 was offered and received into evidence.)

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