Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wikipedia's milk-chugger/strip-miner: Hereditary ignorance wishes Warwak was never born

Corpse-munchers and/or fellow vegans take exception to my Wikipedia page (one embittered vegan even tried vandalizing/blanking my page) and have put it up for speedy deletion on October 5th.

Fired from my job, blackballed from surrounding schools, banned and erased from Facebook and the Vegan Freaks, ALF, PPK, Vegan Represent, and PeTA forums, as well as canned from the TPC and all writings deleted, this should come as no surprise as most---corpse-munchers and vegans alike---don’t like my message of being honest with children. A message so frightening, it must be erased from the internet.

It is hoped---and worked hard for---that the only vegan stories remaining on the web are those of how vegans kill their babies with vegansim and of course, that Hitler was a vegetarian. This is how it continues ...

Current butchered Wikipedia page up for speedy deletion October 5th:

What was my Wikipedia page a few weeks back:

Seems Wikipedia's abuser kelapstick, a milk jug promoter and strip-miner from Nevada is the pus-chugging robber-of-life who is working hard to have me erased.

In all fairness, I am no Joe the Plumber

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  1. well well well... banned from facebook veganfreaks, theppk, veganrepresent. OMFG. that's quite an accomplishment. LOL.

    too bad about wikipedia deletion, that seems very absurd, but there is a heavy anti-vegan slant to many pages, no love lost there. such miserable people.

    and i would take it as a sign of courage, honor and integrity, that many don't have the respect and commonsense to hear your message, and take it seriously. people prefer to remain in their pre-ordained sterile one-dimensional conformist-zone bubble-boy world or winners and losers. that way they don't have to face the real world. *burp*

  2. Wow...even Vegan Represent O_O

    Well you're always welcome at :)

    I fully support what you do.

  3. This is very disturbing. I guess I can understand why TPC banned you since you do not advocate violence. But Vegan Freaks? What - were you accused of being a "Welfarist"?
    I thought your peeps lesson in school was genius. I'm sorry you have gone through such trouble as a result, but you are fighting the good fight!