Friday, September 18, 2009

ED declares Warwak the internet’s most infamous vegan terrorist

And this from the pretty funny Encyclopedia Dramatica web site:

Dave Warwak - The internet’s most infamous vegan terrorist. It is not an exaggeration to say that Warwak hates and is hated by absolutely everybody – including other extreme animal right activists such as PETA. Warwak was even banned from the Vegan Freak forum for being too extreme, which is saying a lot considering members of this forum force vegan diets on their pets.

What makes Warwak so very, very interesting is that you do not have to insult him in order to incur his wrath - you don't even have to disagree with him or even contact him. No, all you need is to do in order to feel this love of justice is to merely exist.

While Dave has been the cancer on the asshole of the internet for some time know, his increasingly retarded and fundamentalist views are becoming more and more public following the Peep-Show incident.

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