Friday, September 11, 2009

For those who comment, we salute you ...

By Justin Kendall

​This week made me want to reach for the jar of crazy lady pills, mostly due to the hyperbolic rhetoric of the drug-'em-don't-kill-'em protesters at the Johnson County parks board meeting this week (Carolyn Szczepanski's "Last night's protest: Deer defenders at JoCo parks meeting"). Take this comment from "warwak."

"Look what corpse-munchers do to loving cows, chickens, pigs, and other partners on this planet we all have the privilege of sharing. Corpse-munchers do not know how to conduct themselves in the Universe. We search in outer space for other life forms; yet, most apathetic pus-chuggers ignore the many amazing beings right here on Earth. All corpse-munchers really care about is how that one will taste. Corpse-munchers are so disconnected they can't even stand having deer wander through their packed lives."
Uh, OK. Leave it to our favorite blogger grouch, Midtown Miscreant, to put the animal love into perspective.

I think the comments from warwak put things in perspective. If you eat meat you are a corpse muncher. These clowns go to a meeting, are specifically asked to conduct themselves respectfully, so they proceed to yell, shout, call people killers and generally act like idiots. How do these people expect anyone to give them a shred of credibility when they go out of their way to show their ass? While I agree that bow hunting is probably not the most humane way to go, their argument is lost in their moronic behavior. Miller is an Anarchist, his website compares the plight of Animals to Apartheid. nuff said.

Midtown, we owe you a veggie burger.

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