Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A small poet in contempt serves up a sonnet ala the Heart Attack Grill

Riding shot-gun in my daddy’s yellow Matador

We rolled into the desert sun

Lost in the dream of my fourth-grade crush back home

On a long stretch of bumpy road my hard-on got-off

a sharp turn as we exited this world off Chandler

Holy shit! Big girls with big tits bending over as they poured our Jolts

Just what the nurse ordered and exactly what I wanted with my Flatliner Fries

I ordered my demise and urgently took an exploration

deep in the bowels to clean-up seven clays

I got aroused and had trouble pissing while reading the urinal’s medical disclaimer

Later that night I masturbated about our nurse at the Heart Attack Grill

Backward and forward again now with my own boy

We pull over from that bumpy Chandler drive

for some fond memories and tradition

You can bring your kids to the Heart Attack Grill too.

And for the love of god, PeTA jumps on the sexy nurse sells food bandwagon with their naughty nurse routine.

"Bakersfield, Calif. -- Wearing a stethoscope and a sexy nurse outfit (complete with a white minidress, knee-high stockings, and spiked heels), carrying a notepad to write prescriptions for a vegetarian diet, and holding a sign that reads, "Bypass Heart Surgery--Go Vegan," a PETA beauty will greet patients and passersby outside Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield on Wednesday. The naughty Nightingale's point? That the best way to make sure that the hospital isn't bulging at the seams with heart patients is for consumers to chuck meat and other heart-unfriendly animal products from their diets and go vegan.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

No wonder dog-eating Obama resisted getting a dog in the White House

Obama grew-up in Indonesia in the care of his corpse-munching step-father Lolo eating dogs, snakes, grasshoppers, and anything else that crawled, had a face, and that he could get his robber-of-life hands on and has now graduated to Washington DC to have servants prepare and serve him a steady stream of inflamed tortured duck livers and other assorted baby animals at everyone else’s expense.

Barack Obama: "With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chili peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy)," Obama wrote. "Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths. He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share."

Has foie gras-eating/veal-munching Obama taken on the super powers of the tortured duck or the strength of the innocent baby cow he just shamanically dined on? Does this idiot really think we don't know who he really is?

Recognize the Antichrist as Revelations describes the dog-eating beast as a "false prophet"

An exorcised sorceress once claimed to have held the little dog-eating Antichrist on her knees. She said that his bearing was proud and that even then he spoke many languages. But he had talons in the place of feet. His father is shown in the figure of a bird, with four feet, a tail, a bull's head much flattened, horns, and black shaggy hair. Can this be baby Obama's shamanic diet giving him whatever powers and attributes the animals he eats possessed? Is Lobo smiling in hell? Perhaps in reality, the misery and death the dog-eating Obama Antichrist demands permiates his nature and everything he touches.

Abbot Bergier described the dog-eating Antichrist as a tyrant, impious and excessively cruel, the arch enemy of Christ, and the last ruler of the Earth. The persecutions he will inflict on the elect will be the last and most severe ordeal that they will have to endure.

And what are dog-eating Obama's feelings on being forced to obtain/not eat/care for/be friends with/house a living primitive four-legged---possibly vengeful (dog-eating POTUS better sleep with one eye open)---canine meal prancing around in the White House? Dog-eating Obama fesses up here: http://veganschool101.blogspot.com/2009/03/obama-weak-speciesist-corpse-munching.html

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Obamas fly private jet to ingest veal and foie gras on tax payer's dime

And this is how it starts

The President of the United States of America and his corpse-munching wife ordered a private jet at the people’s expense----complete with an entourage of sharpshooters---into Greenwich Village’s (the very place I called Obama out to go vegan just 13 days earlier at the Veggie Pride Parade post rally) Blue Hill restaurant where the embarrassing corpse-munching couple made a special trip to dine on stolen/abducted, tortured, murdered, and butchered baby cows and the inflamed livers of tortured/force-fed defenseless birds with their fancy plates and silver knives and forks. Aren't we civilized and so impressively evolved now in this 2009 AD?

Doesn’t the corpse-munching couple understand the average American is hurting right now and would love to be able to grab their honey and hop on a private jet for a special meal in NYC at others' expense? Although, had the robbers-of-life dined on a vegan meal, they would have been safe from my observations.

And of all things … to publicly ingest the misery of veal and foie gras with smiles on their wretched child-rapist mother-fucking corpse-holes … the Obamas are an embarrassment to all of humanity.

"If you want your child to have healthy habits, practice healthy habits, too. Because you're your child's best role model" Michelle Obama

The corpse-munching couple dined on foie gras just 2 weeks ago in Paris as well ... seems the disconnected self-absorbed torturous couple has a taste for baby animals and the internal organs of tortured ducks.

When dining out Saturday night at a no-star bistro, La Fontaine de Mars, the presidential party was served water, Coke and table wine to accompany foie gras, lamb and steak with shallots, and paid for meals "like any client," said owner Jacques Boudon. "It's just what they wanted."

And just 2 months ago at the NATO summit meetings in Strasbourg, France Obama arranged for a special meal of foie gras and milk fed baby lamb corpse parts.

Hit man "Au Crocodile" for hire chef revealed, "There will be Alsatian pinot Gris but no choucroute [sauerkraut]; we will use seasonal produce. Right now it's the time for asparagus and gigot d'agnelet [baby milk-fed lamb]. I can say no more"

And again at lunch, Michelle gorged on foie gras twice in early April, 2009. Michelle Meat-face Obama ordered-up more birds and slurped down their foie gras innards for lunch at the royal fucking palace.

Once inside the palace courtyard, Bruni guided Michelle Obama through the brief
but strict protocol to view the French Garde Republicaine as they played the
American and then the French national anthems. Then came lunch: guinea fowl
stuffed with foie gras, coquilles Saint-Jacques and the green spring asparagus,
a local delicacy.

Then again in London on April 3rd with the Queen, Michelle Obama ordered-up quail eggs, foie gras and rolls of duck.

And what the fuck is with the corpse-munchers' obsessions with eating babies? Poser supreme Michelle Obama's favorite food at Sepia's is charred baby octopus. Evil shit for sure.

"I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other. It’s very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals" Barack Obama

I guess Harvard found the Obama love of foie gras transcending their pate'
The image of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama was found mysteriously engraved upon the top of a pate de foie gras served at a dinner party at the home of Harvard University literature professor Nigel Thierry last night, guests and hired help say.

"When I put ze foie gras in ze oven, zere was no image of zis man on ze top, I swear to you," said chef Bob Jones. "It was as smooth as, what is ze saying, a lady's bottom, no? But when I took her out, zere it was! Zis, smudge, right zere on my pate! And now zey tell me it was a miracle, zat he is ze savior of America or somezing like that. I say, mon dieu! I should have charged more for ze pate!"

Jones said he served the dish as-is, hoping no one would notice the vague, squiggly lines on its surface. But guests, consisting mostly of Harvard University faculty members and left-wing activists, recognized Sen. Obama right away.

"Oh, my god! Not that I believe in god, but, I mean, look! It's Obama! On that pate!" said poetry professor Inga Lutevisk when the dish was brought out. http://spectator.org/archives/2008/03/04/obama-foie-gras

"They could call it, 'Where In The World Is Barack Obama?' The show could track him through the summer houses of the rich and famous Americans who can afford to own villas overseas, and put dollar signs up on a map wherever he stops off for some foie gras" Ed Morrissey

Related post: http://veganschool101.blogspot.com/2009/06/obama-sacrifices-lamb.html

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Corpse-munching Michelle Obama defines treats and Christmas to impressionable children … just sit back and drool ... beg

Pictured at left, corpse-muncher fondling chicken corpse parts for one of her White House Garden Harvest Party recipes.

White House Kitchen Garden Baked Chicken

For the victim:
1 freshly murdered chicken - cut corpse into pieces
1 cup flour
1 cup bread crumbs
2 avian menstruations - beaten
Salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Wash and pat chicken corpse parts dry. Lightly sprinkle salt and pepper on all sides of the chicken corpse parts. Place flour, avian menstruations, and bread crumbs in three separate bowls. Place chicken corpse parts in bowl of flour and cover completely, knock off excess flour. Dip chicken corpse parts in avian menstruations, covering completely. Finally, roll avian menstuation covered chicken corpse parts in bread crumbs and cover completely. Place on baking dish and put in oven for approximately 40 minutes until juices run clear. Stick meat thermometer in and make sure the internal temperature of the largest piece of chicken corpse is at 180 degrees.

Children only hear tidbits and pieces they feel are important. What do they walk away with? The idea that eating out is something to beg for and a luxurious thrilling special occasion like Christmas and that desserts are a special treat. Get plenty of exercise and eat well. No mention of abstaining from pus, blood, and other way nasty secretions, avian menstruations, tumor feedstuffs, bovine growth hormones, Mad Cow, E-coli burgers, Smithfield’s Swine Flu Virus, or any other bizarre disease resulting from eating animal products.

Did top-level officials tell the children to say, “lettuce” instead of “chicken?”

Office of the First Lady
For Immediate Release
June 16, 2009
First Lady's Garden
4:30 P.M. EDT

MRS. OBAMA: Hey, guys.


MR. KASS: Oh, hi.

MRS. OBAMA: Yes, yes, oh hi. Hi back. (Laughter.) Well, welcome back.

CHILDREN: Thank you.

MRS. OBAMA: Here we are. So what did you guys do at your stations? What did you do?

CHILD: I went in the garden first and then I went to cut lettuce, and then when I was finished I went into the kitchen and that's where I cooked the lettuce -- I mean -- (laughter) -- chicken.

MRS. OBAMA: You cooked some chicken? So we have some chicken cookers. We had some what? What did you do, sweetie?

So you guys, I want to thank you. I'm just going to say a few words to our guests in the back who will not get to eat anything. You will just sit and drool. But we'll describe it to you.

When I was growing up, fast food was a rarity. It wasn't something you did every day. It was a special treat, and we would beg to get it, and it was exciting if we drove into a fast food place and got a hamburger. We were thrilled. It was like Christmas!

Desserts were for special occasions. We didn't get dessert every night. And we didn't have dessert several times a day. Eating out was a luxury because at least in my family we couldn't afford it. If we got pizza on a Friday night, that was a treat.

And sitting around the dinner table as a family was something that we did all the time.

So how did we get here? How did we get in this position where we have become such an unhealthy nation, and our children are at risk? And the fact is there are a lot of factors, but some of the more simple ones are that too many kids are consuming high-calorie food with low nutritional value, and they're not getting enough exercise. It's plain and simple: They're not eating right and they're not moving their bodies at all.

Like adults, kids have a very simple approach to food. What do you guys like about food? If it tastes good, right?


MRS. OBAMA: If it tastes good, you'll eat it, right? You don't care what it is!


MRS. OBAMA: Government also has a role to play in this, as well. For so many kids, subsidized breakfasts and lunches are their primary meals of the day. It's what they count on. It's where they get most of their nutrition.

And the USDA's National School Lunch Program serves approximately 30 million meals each year to low-income children. And because these meals are the main source of consistent nourishment for these kids, we need to make sure we offer them the healthiest meals possible.

You are terrific young people. You are all smart. I love your hugs. I love your smiles. I love the reports that you did for me. You guys are terrific. You're very blessed, and you should be very proud of yourselves, and continue to work hard.


MRS. OBAMA: All right, guys. Well, let's eat! (Applause.)

And the happy little fifth-grade chicken cookers commenced feeding their corpse-holes.

"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny" Thomas Jefferson 1778

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Animal shit in everything - even cookies

Vegans are safe because we don't eat shit with animals in it or should I say we don't eat animals with shit in it? Either way, we don't eat that shit.

The corpse-munching United States Food and Drug Administration and the corpse-munching Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are warning corpse-munching consumers not to munch on any varieties of prepackaged Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie dough/shit products due to the risk of contamination with E. coli O157:H7 (animal shit).

Watch out for those mother-fucking cookies!

Never mind there is E-coli on corpse chunks all the time. WTF? Why aren't they just telling everyone to cook their cookies to 170 degrees to kill the shit like they do with their absurd instructions for corpse-munchers to kill/cook E-coli in cow and pig corpse parts? After all, corpse-munchers are willing to eat shit on their burgers and Smithfield's Swine Flu Virus on their bacon. What's next? I can hear the cries now, a double threat, "Look-out! Recalled cookie dough made with recalled peanut butter. Run for the hills Martha ... and bring your gun!"

I am tempted to say their shenanigans are comical at this point, except the hell they inflict on everything they touch is not amusing in the dimmest of lights.


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Penn State promotes death threats

DAVID BIENUS: "I volunteer to use Camille [Marino] for the next experiment! ... I will continue to do my job. If you don't like bring your ass over here and do something about it. But be forewarned, people that I work with take very seriously loonies trying to deprive them of their livelihood and there are a lot of woods around here to hide bodies."

David Bienus
Research Support Specialist
Penn State University
101 Centralized Biological Laboratory
University Park
PA 16802-4803

Phone (814) 865-1495
Fax: (814) 865-3685

The Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees
205 Old Main
University Park
PA 16802-1571

Office: (814) 865-2521
Fax: (814) 863-4631

Graham Spanier
201 Old Main
University Park
PA 16802


I think we should all save his comments and write letters to Penn State to let them know what hate mongers they employ and the ideas the University blindly promotes.

This is the underlying hate that is suppressed yet permeates their world into ours. If we let this go on unchecked, we deserve their death threats, animal abuse, and all out hate and total disregard of life.

This was mailed (and documented) on 17 June 2009:

Graham Spanier and Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees,

Your Penn State employee, David Bienus, Research Support Specialist is actively promoting hate and death threats across state lines via the internet. Please document this, rectify the situation, and inform me of your actions to ensure your level of complicity is no longer an issue.

DAVID BIENUS: "I volunteer to use Camille [Marino] for the next experiment! ... I will continue to do my job. If you don't like bring your ass over here and do something about it. But be forewarned, people that I work with take very seriously loonies trying to deprive them of their livelihood and there are a lot of woods around here to hide bodies." David Bienus, Research Support Specialist, Penn State University

Dave Warwak
DAVID BIENUS: "My point is that the animal rights groups don't scare me either. That's your aim after all. That's the whole point of ALF, to scare researchers into quiting. Ultimately it won't work. Terrorism never ultimately works because sooner or later the terrorists are either exterminated or marginalized. In my opinion the animal rights groups have over played their hands and are becoming marginalilzed. Fewer people are joining their ranks and more people are seeing the lunacy behind thier claims. I don't live in California, I'm in PA. You have my name and I'll tell you there are damned few people with the same name so I'm not hard to find. If you don't like what I do for a living, come stop me" David Bienus, Research Support Specialist, Penn State University

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Corpse-muncher lies to become POTUS

Just what the world needs now---another meat chart blog entry---like I need a hole in my head.

And this from POTUS one year ago:

Barack Obama:
"As president, I would work with farm state legislators to pass additional reforms to reduce wasteful subsidies.

We have a serious obesity problem in this country not only among adults but also among children. As the number of obese children has increased, so has the number of children developing serious health conditions, such as diabetes. Given the busy lives that working parents lead, I know it’s easier to take your children to a fast food restaurant than it is to cook a balanced meal at home using fresh fruits and vegetables. But the eating habits that children develop when they are young will last with them for their entire lives. As president, I would use the bully pulpit of the office to encourage parents to devote more time to ensuring that their children are eating healthy meals.

As president, I would implement USDA policies that promote local and regional food systems, including assisting states to develop programs aimed at community supported farms. I also support a national farm-to-school program and am pleased that the Farm Bill provides more than $1 billion to expand healthy snacks in our schools.

As president, I would direct the Environmental Protection Agency to strictly monitor and regulate pollution from large factory farms, with tough fines for those that violate environmental standards. I also support efforts to provide more meaningful local control over these factory farms.

As for protecting our nation’s food supply, USDA and the Food and Drug Administration need more authority to issue and enforce recalls for contaminated food. I support efforts to improve federal food safety surveillance to better improve our ability to identify, contain and prevent outbreaks. We also need to expand resources to inform the public when an outbreak happens. With regard to our meat supply, I support the USDA’s recent decision to ban all nonambulatory cattle from slaughter. I would also increase funding for meat inspectors to ensure compliance with current federal laws."

Anything to remain a corpse-munching nation under Obama

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yes Man, Jim Carrey tells the truth

Truth is if we treated animals better and were all vegans, not only would we live longer and solve the Health Care Crisis, but we would never have to worry about: Strokes, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Kidney Stones, Colon Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Breast Cancer, Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Peptic Ulcers, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Hiatal Hernias, Diverticulosis, Obesity, Gallstones, Hypertension, Asthma, Salmonellosis, Trichinosis, Irritable Colon Syndrome, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (the human variant of Mad Cow Disease), Smallpox, Smithfield's Swine Flu Virus (Influenza), Tuberculosis, Malaria, Aids, Bubonic Plague, Measles, Cholera, Global Warming, Factory Farming's Cruelty and Pollution, Starvation/World Hunger, School Shootings, and War.

And Jim, winning an MTV award is cool and the next time I see you, I have an award for you too. It’s one of my, “YES” stickers.

Regarding the movie, “Yes Man” – I recommend seeing it. And as for the word, “Yes” - it is powerful: http://www.dist3.org/ms/art/changefromwithin.htm

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More savage intellectual comments from our do-nothing corpse-muncher in-chief

June 15th, 2009 AD

(Chicago) Do-nothing corpse-munching robber-of-life Ba‘al Zebûb Obama addressed the American Medical Association talking (not walking) about prevention. Notice how he mentions the following: junk food, epidemic of obesity, costly chronic conditions, prevention, school lunch program, vegetable garden, individual responsibility, illness, disease, cancer, video games, playing outside, lessons, children, hitting the gym, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, strokes, the health care system, and the need for honest doctors (how about the need for honest presidents?); yet, our old friend Ba‘al Zebûb neglects to mention the underlying commonality contributing to our biggest dilemmas - meat/dairy/eggs in his diatribe. Obama is leading the corpse-munching conspiracy of silence in a battle against his very platform of change and hope.

Yes we know there's a problem ... let's not skirt the issue. WTF? The expression corpse-munching conspiracy of silence relates to a condition or matter which is known to exist, but by tacit communal unspoken consensus is not talked about or acknowledged ... even when discussing health issues with a group of doctors asking them to be honest with their patients. The bullshit illusions run deep to our guts in the corpse-munching world of, "It's what's for dinner"

Ba‘al Zebûb Obama: The second step that we can all agree on is to invest more in preventive care so we can avoid illness and disease in the first place. That starts with each of us taking more responsibility for our health and for the health of our children. It means quitting smoking. It means going in for that mammogram or colon cancer screening. It means going for a run or hitting the gym, and raising our children to step away from the video games and spend more time playing outside. It also means cutting down on all the junk food that's fueling an epidemic of obesity -- which puts far too many Americans, young and old, at greater risk of costly, chronic conditions. That's a lesson Michelle and I have tried to instill in our daughters. As some of you know, we started a White House vegetable garden. I say "we" generously, because Michelle has done most of the work. That's a lesson that we should work with local school districts to incorporate into their school lunch programs.

Building a health care system that promotes prevention rather than just managing diseases will require all of us to do our parts. It will take doctors telling us what risk factors we should avoid and what preventive measures we should pursue.

Our federal government also has to step up its efforts to advance the cause of healthy living. Five of the costliest illnesses and conditions -- cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lung disease, and strokes -- can be prevented.
And yet only a fraction of every health care dollar goes to prevention or public health. And that's starting to change with an investment we're making in prevention and wellness programs that can help us avoid disease that harm our health and the health of our economy.

Dave Warwak: Excellent. Now go vegan to set an example instead of just talking it up and start doing something about the meat and dairy industries' stranglehold, with your USDA's approval---fascism: corporate run governments----on our nation's children in your National School Lunch Program.

Ba‘al Zebûb Obama: So when you hear the naysayers claim that I'm trying to bring about government-run health care, know this: They're not telling the truth

Dave Warwak: Yes, we know you are doing nothing about a lot of things.

Ba‘al Zebûb Obama: There's a sense out there among some, and perhaps some members who are gathered here today of the AMA, that as bad as our current system may be -- and it's pretty bad -- the devil we know is better than the devil we don't. There's a fear of change.

Dave Warwak:
Afraid of change? Your status quo is much more frightening. We are so sick of your corpse-munching play-to-the-crowd/tell-them-what-they-want-to-hear/know-your-audience/do-nothing bullshit responses. We know you want to keep America a corpse-munching nation in hope of/desperation that we won't call you out on your own sick simple-minded humanity-embarrassing desire/wish to cram death in your wretched fucking corpse-hole.

Complete transcript here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/Remarks-by-the-President-to-the-Annual-Conference-of-the-American-Medical-Association/

The truth is almost always in direct opposition to the corpse-muncher’s projections of reality/illusion. Here we find corpse-munching Obama ignoring the causes hoping we will all buy into his bullshit. Truth is it has been our government and its policies and influences in public schools that has brainwashed its own people into believing it is all good, right and healthy when in reality fucking with animals is very bad, wrong in every thought process, and the most destructive to not just ourselves, but each other, and the natural order of all life on Earth.

Don’t be fooled … our government believes if you can control food and water you will control the people. Destined to a life of tyranny under Obama, most will never live long enough to figure out how it all happened at which time they will be long gone as your weak dying ass can’t chase after them … at least this is their evil hope and desire for your stupid insignificant life. They only want your money, allegiance and complacency. Silence is complicity, as is tolerance.

"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny." Thomas Jefferson (1778)

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Nothing stimulates an economy like a world war

Obama starting the conflict in Pakistan with his drone attacks (hey corpse-hole, killing 600 women and children just to kill 16 people you labeled terrorists is not cool) only to pull back after causing civil war is a nice little trick. Millions flee the area and countless robbed, raped and murdered. Then we move in and set up shop spreading our murderous ways into every corner of the world.

We started a civil war in Iraq as well.

With sights on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and North Korea one would think their plate is full. No, must pit others against each other in more places so we can suck up more of their resources.

Better institute a draft for more children to murder more strangers ... for more hate and misery in the world. Obama's "Peace Corpse" devotes will sign-up under false pretenses and be diverted to die in foreign lands after short visits to indoctrination centers. Heil Hitler Obama

"You don't defeat a terrorist network that operates in eighty countries by occupying Iraq" Barack Obama

"But it’s also important that a president speaks to military service as an obligation not just of some, but of many. You know, I traveled, obviously, a lot over the last 19 months. And if you go to small towns, throughout the Midwest or the Southwest or the South, every town has tons of young people who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s not always the case in other parts of the country, in more urban centers. And I think it’s important for the president to say, this is an important obligation. If we are going into war, then all of us go, not just some." Barack Obama

And robber-of-life Obama has most corpse-munchers behind him all the way. Can you say "Anti-Christ?"

And this from Al Jazeera:

The operation is said to be targeting Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban, and will be carried out with greater support from the US.

"Four fighter jets bombed parts of Makeen early on Saturday but we don't know about the extent of damage or any casualties," Mohammad Khan, a shopkeeper in the area, said.

James Bays, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Islamabad, said official sources had confirmed to him that heavy artillery was being used in Makeen.

Pakistan's Geo TV reported that large numbers of people were migrating from South Waziristan to North Waziristan.

"Operations that appear to be under way now would be the largest operations that have been undertaken in Waziristan," a US defence official said on Friday.

"We think that the initial phases of that operation have already begun."

The US defence official said on Friday that the Pentagon expected Pakistan to conduct "fairly significant combat operations in South Waziristan".

Another US official said Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders were "under very significant pressure", while a third US official said the US would be providing increased intelligence and surveillance support to Pakistan.

The first US official warned that "isolated pockets of resistance still remain" in parts of Swat as the Pakistani army worked to finish the two-month campaign, and that Islamabad needed to brace for more attacks.


Corpse-munchers love their wars. Too bad the corpse-munching robber-of-life can't drop food instead of bombs. Where is Obama's humanity?

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It's payback time baby!

On June 11 after an emergency meeting the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the alert level to its highest phase 6 indicating that a virus pandemic is under way.

The WHO noted that this alertness level indicates the global spread of the Smithfield Swine Flu Virus.

Dr Margaret Chan of the WHO stated, "The virus is spreading under a close and careful watch, no previous pandemic has been detected so early or watched so closely in real time right at the very beginning." She warned that countries where infections have appeared to peak should brace for a second wave. And when asked about the death toll, the WHO puppet acknowledged and warned, "each and every one of those deaths is tragic, and we have to brace ourselves to see more. Countries must expect to see more cases of severe and fatal infections, this is a subtle, sneaky virus."

Most corpse-munchers do not have immunity to the Smithfield Swine Flu Virus and illness/death may eventually become more widespread in different demographic and population groups.

Smithfield's Swine Flu Virus mainly spreads in humans---and in pigs---in the same way that regular seasonal influenza spreads, which is through the air from coughs and sneezes or touching those infected.

The WHO claims it cannot be transmitted from eating properly cooked "Pork" (this is the corpse-muncher's answer/assurance to eating shit---E-coli---as well ... just cook it and eat it. WTF?); however, raw/improperly cooked pig parts can harbor flu just as the flu lives on door knobs and money for up to 10 days. Certainly Smithfield's Swine Flu Virus can thrive, mutate, and grow in a piece of refrigerated rotting pig flesh for months ... and even years.

Greedy mother-fucking corpse-munchers who only want our money claim there is no connection with consumption; however, because the virus was born in Smithfield's shops of horrors, it only stands to reason, pigs transmit and receive Smithfield's Swine Flu Virus---just as humans do---therefore, infected pigs off to slaughter are drooling all over themselves and standing in their brothers' and sisters' bloody entrails only to spread germs and viruses into each other's slaughtered carcass just as E-coli always mixes in with the slop ... especially in the summer months when flu's typically die down, this bugger is growing in factory farms.

Then the butchered virus infected pig parts are refrigerated, preserved, boxed and shipped off to schools and other unsuspecting institutions for ignorant apathetic corpse-munchers to further handle, prepare, cook, and ultimately ingest/feed to others who have no choice or reason for alarm.

Finally when corpse-munchers contract Smithfield's Swine Flu from messing around with virus infested pig parts, the very infected flesh they ate---raised on every known antibiotic---has built resistances to all known vaccines and antibodies. When corpse-munchers eat the antibiotic-resistant pig flesh, they too develop those same immunities. Many will check into the hospital and never check out. Penicillin used to work for everyone. And instead of yesteryear's one antidote, today we have over 100 concoctions and none of them work anymore. Corpse-munchers have effectively exhausted all options in hopes of one more meal unimpeded ... time to fess-up and go vegan.

Expect 50 to 100 million corpse-munchers dead, minus the animals these robbers-of-life will no longer be able to munch on with their dead corpse-holes equals 100's of billions of lives saved.

The big secret/unrealization? The USA is currently in second place with highest death toll and is slowly gaining on Mexico's top contributor to peace on Earth status.

Mother Nature has a way of working things out.

If we were all vegans and didn’t fuck around with animals, not only would we live longer and solve the Health Care Crisis, but we would never have to worry about: Strokes, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Kidney Stones, Colon Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Breast Cancer, Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Peptic Ulcers, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Hiatal Hernias, Diverticulosis, Obesity, Gallstones, Hypertension, Asthma, Salmonellosis, Trichinosis, Irritable Colon Syndrome, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (the human variant of Mad Cow Disease), Smallpox, Smithfield's Swine Flu Virus (Influenza), Tuberculosis, Malaria, Aids, Bubonic Plague, Measles, Cholera, AIDS, Global Warming, Factory Farming's Cruelty and Pollution, Starvation/World Hunger, School Shootings, and War.

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This is how it continues

"Pork is good for you! Animal fat is good for you! Cured meats assist the human body with cardiovascular health!" Trent Loos

More lies from animal-agriculture hell thanks to Trent Loos and Jennifer McLagan (pictured at left fucking with impressionable trusting children - photo courtesy of her "Pork on a Fork" entry)

The corpse-munching evil lying bitch was interviewed by robber-of-life Trent Loos on his bullshit Rural Routes radio show.

Be sure to shower and scrub real good after listening to this filth: http://www.feedstuffs.com/Media/PodcastItems/ruralroute052109.mp3

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Veganism’s new martyr

Chicago Tribune

Dave Warwak’s campaign to teach his 8th-grade art students about the evils of an omnivorous lifestyle is officially over the top.

Warwak, who says he was removed from his McHenry County classroom last week by the “ardent meat eaters” who run Fox River Grove District 3, had predicted he would be fired at a Monday meeting with his bosses. That didn’t happen, but Warwak now says he won’t return to work unless the school cafeteria goes vegan, eliminating meat, milk and other “poisons” from the menu. He also wants the state’s attorney to charge the district with child endangerment.

That’s several notches above last week’s complaint, which was that the Fox River Thought Police were running amok. Although you had to wonder why the 8th-grade art curriculum was so heavy on nutrition and ethics, it did seem like overkill for a middle school principal to chide a teacher for sharing ideas or literature meant “to influence the students against our school lunch program.”

Some parents and teachers have been dismayed by the art teacher’s fixation on veganism. In the spring, Warwak created a fetching 3-D model featuring marshmallow Peeps confined to cages, run over by trucks and otherwise abused by humans. Last week, he passed out copies of “The Food Revolution,” John Robbins’ treatise on factory farming, after school officials refused to remove the “Got Milk?” posters from the cafeteria.

Animal activists rallied to his defense after the principal sent him home. Chicago-based Mercy for Animals volunteered to serve a vegan meal to the entire student body. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals offered to provide vegetarian starter kits and copies of PETA’s DVD, “Meet Your Meat.” In a letter to Principal Tim Mahaffy, PETA said that instead of being disciplined, Warwak should have been praised for exposing “the meat industry’s dirty secrets.”

“Students in every school should have teachers like Mr. Warwak to tell them that the ‘chicken nuggets’ they consume in the cafeteria were once living, breathing animals who were crammed into filthy sheds and pumped full of drugs before having their throats slit while they’re still conscious,” the letter said.

OK, we’ve lost our appetite. But what the heck does that have to do with art class? Warwak says art is a subject akin to philosophy; you can’t teach kids to appreciate art till you get them to think about life. It’s not a bad point, though it would seem he had addressed the anti-omnivore argument adequately with the Peeps display and could move on to something else. Instead he continued to preach the vegan gospel with the zeal of the recent convert that he is.

Still, he didn’t really start getting on our nerves till he announced his one-man cafeteria strike. It’s one thing for a teacher to speak his mind and another thing entirely for him to demand that the school substitute his prescribed diet for the one that parents clearly find perfectly suitable.

Those of us who haven’t turned vegetarian aren’t wholly ignorant of where our meat comes from, even if we haven’t watched PETA’s DVD. We know those chicken nuggets don’t grow on trees. But parents of middle-schoolers also know how hard it is to work all the necessary nutrients into the diet of a picky tweener who’s outgrowing jeans faster than they can be laundered. Take away the milk and the chicken nuggets and all the other things vegans object to, and a lot of those kids will try to survive on a diet of marshmallow Peeps while wagging their fingers at those godless carnivores, their parents.

This is America, and Warwak is entitled to express his opinion. But the rest of us are entitled to eat what we want.


It is not a "personal choice" when you are eating my friends and you are ruining my world. When you made your "personal choice" did you ask the animal if you could confine, torture, and murder him or her? When you made your "personal choice" did you ask me if I mind all your pollution and devastation? My tax money subsidizes your "personal choice." Just because we personally make selfish choices does not make them "personal choices."

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Vegan teacher dismissed by Fox River Grove school

By Jack Komperda
Daily Herald Staff

An art teacher at Fox River Grove Middle School said he was kicked out of class by school officials this week because he was teaching students about his vegan lifestyle.

Dave Warwak, 44, said he was dismissed before the start of Wednesday's classes by Principal Tim Mahaffy and Superintendent Jacqueline Krause and told to stay away from school grounds.

The dispute between Warwak and school officials stemmed from concerns Warwak had with lunchroom posters promoting the health benefits of drinking milk.

Warwak, who excludes all animal products from his diet, said he urged school officials to remove the posters because he believed it promoted an unhealthy dietary choice.

The posters "are brainwashing them at an early age," Warwak said Thursday. "I asked the food service guy to read something, but he didn't want to. They left me no choice, I had to tell kids the truth."

Warwak said he distributed copies of the book "The Food Revolution," which promotes the health benefits of veganism, to several eighth-graders and provided excerpts to school officials.

Mahaffy sent Warwak a memo Tuesday concerning the literature and his efforts at distributing them within the school.

"If you share your opinions with colleagues and they are either not receptive or ask you not to discuss the matter with them in the future, I expect you to honor their request," according to the memo, which was provided by Warwak.

The memo continued: "I am requesting that you not use your literature or ideas about what is an appropriate diet to influence the students against our school lunch program."

Mahaffy said Thursday that Warwak still was employed by the district, but declined to comment further.

This week wasn't the first time Warwak clashed with school officials over his diet. Warwak, who has been teaching at Fox River Grove Middle School for eight years, said he became a vegan in January.

He began talking to kids informally about his diet and the need to respect animal life. An art display Warwak created using marshmallow Peeps that depicted the various ways people use animals drew some criticism from Mahaffy.

In a series of e-mail exchanges, Mahaffy expressed concern the project went too far in advocating a meat-free lifestyle.

"I don't like tying in the school's motto of respect and responsibility to a vegetarian diet," Mahaffy wrote in April. "I don't see the correlation, and I don't want to be fielding phone calls that we are pushing an agenda on the students or other staff that is not the opinion of the district."

Warwak disagreed with the contention that he was trying to push an agenda.

"I thought teachers were supposed to be influential in their students' lives and to bring them the truth," he said. "Animals have nothing to give me in return for what I'm doing. Kids get this. They don't want to be uncompassionate, disrespectful people."

Warwak said he plans to meet with school officials Monday to learn the fate of his future with the school district, but he doubts he'll have a future in the district.

"The ball is in motion," he said. "The premise is they're going to fire me."


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Darwin exposes Obama as a corpse-munching savage animal ... I agree

Charles Darwin said, "As man advances in civilisation, and small tribes are united into larger communities, the simplest reason would tell each individual that he ought to extend his social instincts and sympathies to all the members of the same nation, though personally unknown to him. This point being once reached, there is only an artificial barrier to prevent his sympathies extending to the men of all nations and races. If, indeed, such men are separated from him by great differences in appearance or habits, experience unfortunately shews us how long it is, before we look at them as our fellow-creatures. Sympathy beyond the confines of man, that is, humanity to the lower animals, seems to be one of the latest moral acquisitions. It is apparently unfelt by savages, except towards their pets. How little the old Romans knew of it is shewn by their abhorrent gladiatorial exhibitions. The very idea of humanity, as far as I could observe, was new to most of the Gauchos of the Pampas. This virtue, one of the noblest with which man is endowed, seems to arise incidentally from our sympathies becoming more tender and more widely diffused, until they are extended to all sentient beings. As soon as this virtue is honoured and practised by some few men, it spreads through instruction and example to the young, and eventually becomes incorporated in public opinion."

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