Monday, June 22, 2009

Obamas fly private jet to ingest veal and foie gras on tax payer's dime

And this is how it starts

The President of the United States of America and his corpse-munching wife ordered a private jet at the people’s expense----complete with an entourage of sharpshooters---into Greenwich Village’s (the very place I called Obama out to go vegan just 13 days earlier at the Veggie Pride Parade post rally) Blue Hill restaurant where the embarrassing corpse-munching couple made a special trip to dine on stolen/abducted, tortured, murdered, and butchered baby cows and the inflamed livers of tortured/force-fed defenseless birds with their fancy plates and silver knives and forks. Aren't we civilized and so impressively evolved now in this 2009 AD?

Doesn’t the corpse-munching couple understand the average American is hurting right now and would love to be able to grab their honey and hop on a private jet for a special meal in NYC at others' expense? Although, had the robbers-of-life dined on a vegan meal, they would have been safe from my observations.

And of all things … to publicly ingest the misery of veal and foie gras with smiles on their wretched child-rapist mother-fucking corpse-holes … the Obamas are an embarrassment to all of humanity.

"If you want your child to have healthy habits, practice healthy habits, too. Because you're your child's best role model" Michelle Obama

The corpse-munching couple dined on foie gras just 2 weeks ago in Paris as well ... seems the disconnected self-absorbed torturous couple has a taste for baby animals and the internal organs of tortured ducks.

When dining out Saturday night at a no-star bistro, La Fontaine de Mars, the presidential party was served water, Coke and table wine to accompany foie gras, lamb and steak with shallots, and paid for meals "like any client," said owner Jacques Boudon. "It's just what they wanted."

And just 2 months ago at the NATO summit meetings in Strasbourg, France Obama arranged for a special meal of foie gras and milk fed baby lamb corpse parts.

Hit man "Au Crocodile" for hire chef revealed, "There will be Alsatian pinot Gris but no choucroute [sauerkraut]; we will use seasonal produce. Right now it's the time for asparagus and gigot d'agnelet [baby milk-fed lamb]. I can say no more"

And again at lunch, Michelle gorged on foie gras twice in early April, 2009. Michelle Meat-face Obama ordered-up more birds and slurped down their foie gras innards for lunch at the royal fucking palace.

Once inside the palace courtyard, Bruni guided Michelle Obama through the brief
but strict protocol to view the French Garde Republicaine as they played the
American and then the French national anthems. Then came lunch: guinea fowl
stuffed with foie gras, coquilles Saint-Jacques and the green spring asparagus,
a local delicacy.,,20269892,00.html

Then again in London on April 3rd with the Queen, Michelle Obama ordered-up quail eggs, foie gras and rolls of duck.

And what the fuck is with the corpse-munchers' obsessions with eating babies? Poser supreme Michelle Obama's favorite food at Sepia's is charred baby octopus. Evil shit for sure.

"I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other. It’s very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals" Barack Obama

I guess Harvard found the Obama love of foie gras transcending their pate'
The image of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama was found mysteriously engraved upon the top of a pate de foie gras served at a dinner party at the home of Harvard University literature professor Nigel Thierry last night, guests and hired help say.

"When I put ze foie gras in ze oven, zere was no image of zis man on ze top, I swear to you," said chef Bob Jones. "It was as smooth as, what is ze saying, a lady's bottom, no? But when I took her out, zere it was! Zis, smudge, right zere on my pate! And now zey tell me it was a miracle, zat he is ze savior of America or somezing like that. I say, mon dieu! I should have charged more for ze pate!"

Jones said he served the dish as-is, hoping no one would notice the vague, squiggly lines on its surface. But guests, consisting mostly of Harvard University faculty members and left-wing activists, recognized Sen. Obama right away.

"Oh, my god! Not that I believe in god, but, I mean, look! It's Obama! On that pate!" said poetry professor Inga Lutevisk when the dish was brought out.

"They could call it, 'Where In The World Is Barack Obama?' The show could track him through the summer houses of the rich and famous Americans who can afford to own villas overseas, and put dollar signs up on a map wherever he stops off for some foie gras" Ed Morrissey

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  1. I'm ashamed to have voted for this despicable piece of dirt.

    The engineered deliberate torture involved in creating an enlarged diseased goose liver (foie gras) is nothing short of sadistic and disturbing. And the calves who are ripped from their mothers because humans steal the babies' milk is an abomination unto itself. Anemic baby calves (veal) deprived of their mothers' milk!

    The president and his wife suck!

    But, I'm confused... if Jesus' image appears to the faithful on things like potato chips and toast, can we assume that only the mother fucking anitchrist would appear to a bunch of sadistic scumbags in their platter of foie gras?

  2. Hey, look who'd make a great dinner guest:

    "Supreme Court justice nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, the federal judge nominated by President George H.W. Bush, it has been determined, likes to eat "exotic fare", including, "pig intestines", "pig tongue" and "ears" too."

    Why don't they just pull up a chair and dine in the slaughterhouse. I think sliding around on the blood-soaked floors would add to the ambiance.

  3. "Why don't they just pull up a chair and dine in the slaughterhouse. I think sliding around on the blood-soaked floors would add to the ambiance."

    I'm LMAO picturing it!!!

  4. I am SO mad right now!!!

  5. We could always hope he & she might choke!

  6. Margo founder of we raised $18,000 overnight to save the truckload of brahman cows & bulls from slaughter the next morning when the money was raised & paid it was a wonderful sight to behold as the door swung open & the poor de-hydrated cattle jumped out to freedom to once again roam their green grassy meadow. So can one person make a difference? I sure made a difference to these 55 cows. As for Barack Obama he could have feasted for days on these 55 couldn't he. How uncivilized is this man & his so called "well dressed wife".. perhaps they should return to from whence they originally came where they can tear the legs off animals, tear the raw flesh off with their teeth . I am over leaders, royalty, & those who should be leading the way just adding to the misery by wanting exotic dishes. Perhaps they should "MEET THEIR MEAT"...!!!

  7. I'm sorry I voted for him, too. And WHAT IS IT WITH THESE SAVAGES EATING BABIES??!!

    Just makes me sick.

  8. I'm very disappointed. I voted for Obama because I had hopes that more laws would come for the animals. I'm so sad now.

  9. both are fucked up b******, he is sickkkkk, shame on u obama, shame, shame!!!!

  10. He should be forced to live in the same conditions as these animals and see how he likes a tube shoved down his throat.

  11. Oh my.. never thought that these pictures would depict how we have reacted to obama's decisions. It's not bad though to express our ideas and feelings.

    Private jet hire prices

  12. Most of higher officials are using Private Jet for their trip, which makes really sad and disappointing in many ways as shown and stated here.

  13. I normally do not care about politicians one way or aother but fucking veal and foie gras? The two most vile foods that I can even consider. Even when I ate meat I could not abide either of these dishes and would not eat with anyone who did. Even as a child I understood they were cruel and horrible. Even my father who grew up in the rual south understood how awful they where and refused to eat them or allow them at our table. This tells me more about Obama as a person.

  14. Y'all are a bunch of goddamned hippies. Meat is delicious. I'm gonna order a burger just because I can.