Monday, August 9, 2010

Janesville, Wisconsin F-H/Rodeo Protest - Aug 1, 2010 [HQ]

Warwak pelted with avian menstruations - police

JANESVILLE — Protesters demonstrating against what they called animal cruelty greeted some 4-H fairgoers before the rodeo's early performance Sunday.

Among the protesters was Allegrea S.B. Rosenberg of Janesville, who held a hand-lettered sign that said "Fun for you ... panic, pain and fear for the animals"

"We're just here to educate and get the word out," said Rosenberg, who belongs to the Alliance for Animals of Rock County. Some others among the eight protesters were from Madison or Rockford, Ill., she said.

"Against animals in entertainment! They're not ours to exploit!" said another sign.

Rosenberg and another protester said they had endured a few insults, and one of them was struck in the back by an egg that they believed was thrown from inside the fairgrounds.

The protest appeared peaceful, however, about 15 minutes before the show started. Two police officers stood on the sidewalk, observing.

One protester with a megaphone had more than just rodeos on his mind.

"Children, think of what you're eating," he said. "They call it hot dogs, but it's really ground-up pigs."

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