Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Corpse-muncher lies to become POTUS

Just what the world needs now---another meat chart blog entry---like I need a hole in my head.

And this from POTUS one year ago:

Barack Obama:
"As president, I would work with farm state legislators to pass additional reforms to reduce wasteful subsidies.

We have a serious obesity problem in this country not only among adults but also among children. As the number of obese children has increased, so has the number of children developing serious health conditions, such as diabetes. Given the busy lives that working parents lead, I know it’s easier to take your children to a fast food restaurant than it is to cook a balanced meal at home using fresh fruits and vegetables. But the eating habits that children develop when they are young will last with them for their entire lives. As president, I would use the bully pulpit of the office to encourage parents to devote more time to ensuring that their children are eating healthy meals.

As president, I would implement USDA policies that promote local and regional food systems, including assisting states to develop programs aimed at community supported farms. I also support a national farm-to-school program and am pleased that the Farm Bill provides more than $1 billion to expand healthy snacks in our schools.

As president, I would direct the Environmental Protection Agency to strictly monitor and regulate pollution from large factory farms, with tough fines for those that violate environmental standards. I also support efforts to provide more meaningful local control over these factory farms.

As for protecting our nation’s food supply, USDA and the Food and Drug Administration need more authority to issue and enforce recalls for contaminated food. I support efforts to improve federal food safety surveillance to better improve our ability to identify, contain and prevent outbreaks. We also need to expand resources to inform the public when an outbreak happens. With regard to our meat supply, I support the USDA’s recent decision to ban all nonambulatory cattle from slaughter. I would also increase funding for meat inspectors to ensure compliance with current federal laws."

Anything to remain a corpse-munching nation under Obama

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1 comment:

  1. "I support the USDA’s recent decision to ban all nonambulatory cattle from slaughter"

    What about not horrifically abusing cows so that you have downer cows in the first place?

    That statement speaks volumes about exactly how fucked up this entire world is. Rape them, torture them, drain every ounce of strength out of their bodies...

    But maybe we shouldn't eat them; might make us sick.

    (There was a story about one downer and they got so pissed off that they couldn't get her to move that after they beat her and kicked her, they left her in the sun to lay there and die slowly, in her own waste, no water or anything. She couldn't move. Her body was broken. An ARA eventually shot her in the head to put her out of her misery. I know there's a billion more stories. That one is just burned into my brain.)

    He is evil and wrong on so many levels!!!

    But if he doesn't care about kids and he doesn't care about the animals, if we're gonna keep marching off to wage war in foreign lands, if he's actively seeking to suspend all rights of habeus corpus for detainees, if he won't prosecute the last war criminals... where's the change I voted for?

    I know the selfish mother-fucker cares about his own health; maybe there's some chance that he actually could go vegan.

    p.s. meat chart blog entries are cool. ;)