Monday, June 8, 2009

Obama sacrifices a lamb and dines on foie gras

(PARIS) Barack Obama wantonly ingests corpses, blood, pus, internal organs, tumor feeds and avian menstruations in full public view of history.

Tired of the same old butchered bovine corpse charred chunks---and to compliment his foie gras---and a huge believer (poser/wordsmith/orator) in change, robber-of-life Obama orders the death of a lamb to feed his embarrassing selfish corpse-hole.

"They [The Obamas] were very pleased. They said that they had had a 'wonderful meal'. The President was very friendly. He had gigot d'agneau and an île flottante. No wine, just water. The others had fillet of beef and crème brûlée." Waiter Gabriel de Carvalho

gigot d'agneau = cooked lamb corpse parts

foie gras = the liver of a force-fed/tortured goose

île flottante = poisonous desert made with blood, pus, and tumor feeds (milk) and avian menstruations (eggs)

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