Tuesday, June 2, 2009


In February of 2008 Barack Obama released a statement on the United States Department of Agriculture's decision to recall 143 million pounds of frozen diseased tumor feeds from downer cows. The consumption of downer cows poses high risks of illness and death from E. Coli, Salmonella and/or Mad Cow Disease. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (the human varient of Mad Cow Disease) is incubating in children's brains as we speak.

BARACK OBAMA: Although the Department of Agriculture has now recalled the tainted beef, an estimated 37 million pounds has gone to school lunch programs, and unfortunately, officials believe that most of the meat has already been consumed by schoolchildren. This incident demonstrates yet again the inadequacy of the food recall process. Far too often, tainted food is not recalled until too late.

When I am President, it will not be business as usual when it comes to food safety. I will provide additional resources to hire more federal food inspectors. I will also call on the Department of Agriculture to examine whether federal food safety laws need to be strengthened, in particular to provide greater protections against tainted food being used in the National School Lunch Program.

As the parent of two young daughters, there are few issues more important to me than ensuring the safety of the food that our children consume. I commend the Humane Society of the United States for bringing this important issue to the public attention and believe that the mistreatment of downed cows is unacceptable and poses a serious threat to public health."

And in a seperate interview Barack Obama states, "I've repeatedly voted to increase penalties for animal cruelty and violence... In addition to being unacceptable in its own stead, violence towards animals is linked with violent behavior in general... Strong [animal cruelty] penalties are important and I support them... As president, I'd continue to make sure that we treat animal cruelty like the serious crime it is and address its connection to broader patterns of violence."

"I respect hunters and sportsmen. I'm a strong believer in the rights of hunters and sportsmen to have firearms." Barack Obama


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  1. I started cross-posting your Obama blogs. (in conjunction with some of my own). I'll try to get people to comment on your blogs instead of my FB page.

  2. Thank you Camille!!!! First of all, I miss you Dave.. I thought you had de-friended me..

    So much was going on at election time that I have started remembering items that shocked the hell out of me. After Obama became President so many things about this family became the talk of the town. The news people were so interested in the private school that the girls were going to. This school even showed the 5 day menu. As I remember it, only one day was there any kind of meat served and that was chicken breast. The other days were meat free and yet this man was pushing meat to the masses, the schools, everyone. He made a deal with the devil in Iowa. How else could he win the state. I watched a special on CNN. He and his groupies were at a fair in Iowa and he was leading a little black sweet bull and he made a comment and said, no body here is a vegetarian! I almost fell to the floor because I voted for this guy. So he doesn't give a shit about our children. He feeds them shit that is posion. Even though my family doesn't eat animals this really sent me in to orbit..
    Many wildlife groups asked many questions about the wolves here in the west, he and Salazar said right in front of everyone, that the wolves would not be hunted and killed!! Guess what, the hunt is on just like Bush had it planned and 1,000 wolves will lose their lives, including the babies in their dens..
    He also didn't fight congress and the NRA when a Bill was introduced during the last Bush days that will now allow anyone to carry a loaded and conceled weapon in any park in the U.S. This Bill passed last week. The congress wimps caved to the NRA. The President of the NRA said yesterday that, there is not only 2 legged criminals in the parks but also 4 legged criminals. Enough said...He also said he would stop the use of, AK-47's, not!! He is much too busy looking at himself in the mirror and practicing hie speeches.
    And last but not least, we wrote this man, emailed and faxed him an told him that, there is no such thing as clean coal. I have a very bad back that keeps in laying down a lot so I watch one hell of a lot of news. I see this man on TV saying that clean coal is the way to go at least 5 times a day..
    Make no mistake, as many if not more farm animals will be murdered during this administration as the last one...

  3. I agree. And rather than squashing the March 23 deadline to start the offshore drilling the bush regime proposed, Salazar merely extended the date by six months.

    This is a travesty.

    No one, including Obama, can be an environmentalist and continue to eat flesh; but his policies to placate and encourage the industrial complex that exploits the earth's resources speaks volumes about the duplicitous nature of Bush 45.

    Obama and the Environment: The Politics of Bait-and-Switch -- http://dissidentvoice.org/2009/05/obama-and-the-environment-the-politics-of-bait-and-switch/

  4. I forgot one more thing. Obama has rolled back the protection for the sea turtles and other sea life.

  5. You're absolutely right Camille, at a book signing party, Captain Paul Watson was speaking the truth when he was talking about Al Gore, who refused to mention that, raising farm animals for food creates more greenhouse gasses than all of the cars, trucks and planes in the world, as per the United Nations report. Paul went on to say, you can't be a meat eating environmentalist!Ingrid Newkirk wrote letters and we signed more petitions, but he refused any comment..He enjoys his animal flesh too much to tell the real truth...

  6. Admittedly, the importance of this blog escaped me the first time I read it. It takes a while for things to penetrate sometimes...

    This is a monumental travesty.

    And in order for them to be successful in fucking with us, we all have to be willing to just lay back and silently take it. The government, the bought-and-paid-for president, the media, and, of course, the evil agribusiness bastards that fund the blood-money economy are all complicit.

    Fucking Obama knows about the recalls... and does nothing???!!! This is sick and evil!