Friday, June 5, 2009

The real reason Obama refuses to go vegan

“Love grease. Life wouldn’t be worth living without it.” Brian Williams

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  1. Come on…this is the reason most Americans will never go vegan, and why other nations covet our lifestyle. It's why the Amazon rainforests continue to fall, and all I can reason is that since few people alive on earth today are going to be alive 100 years from now, we might as well live it up.

    That's what I told an organic farmer at Union Square Park today. He was eating a tuna sandwich, and I said casually, "You know, they're going to be extinct by 2012." (What will we feed the Olympic athletes?) He said he doesn't eat meat, but he does eat fish; I said all fish is contaminated with PCBs and mercury; he'd do better to eat meat. "What about sardines?" he asked. "They're fish," I replied. "They come from the ocean." "My sandwich doesn't taste as good now!" he said laughingly.

    This man has a degree in forestry from Yale; most Americans are even less aware than he is. I would certainly not get down on the President; he has a hard enough struggle as it is with cigarettes.