Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trent Loos preys on little boys to put ground-up pig penises in their mouths

"Dietary nitrates - like those commonly found in hot dogs - are vital to the prevention of heart disease. With the help of the Missouri Pork Producers, Illinois Pork Producers and Feedstuffs FoodLink, I hired a truck to drive around the pre-game festivities for 10 hours with the message of "Cured Meat for Healthy Heartbearts." As the truck circled near Busch Stadium, I took to the street to talk with baseball fans about the work of Dr. Nathan Bryan, a medical researcher at The University of Texas, who has determined dietary nitrite and nitrate consumption is good for our cardiovascular health. The message was quite well received by fans of all ages. In fact, upon learning that hot dogs were good for him, one 12-year-old boy told me that he was then going to start eating even more hot dogs" Trent Loos

WTF? Where's the outrage? Where's Trent's humanity? Where's our humanity for allowing his corpse-munching horse-shit?

The evil corpse-muncher's web site is here:

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  1. Trent has no humanity. His soul is black. And there's ice in his veins.

  2. FYI - A law suit was just filed in New Jersey suing for warning labels:,1,2946755.story

    These red shirts are sickening.

  3. Trent should shoot himself in the head!

    This is the third or fourth day that I can't paste anything in your comments, so I'll type the url, but on YouTube he's got a 41-second video: Spinach versus cured meats

  4. An opportunity like this only comes around once in a lifetime- you have the equivalent of gobbels within your reach....

    He should be baited with a nice juicy piece of ass and then exposed with dick in hand.

    Excusse my crude down to earth 'sarah palin' country suits the decorum


  5. "A confusing and topsy turvy article promoting 'so-called' health benefits of eating the preservatives in hotdogs and cured meats has recently been published in the weekly newspaper for agribusiness: Feedstuffs. The author, Trent Loos, begins by announcing that "a growing body of medical evidence suggests that dietary nitrates and nitrites, like those commonly found in hot dogs and other cured meats, are vital to the prevention and treatment of heart disease".

    "He tells us about the work of the medical researcher at the University of Texas, Dr Nathan Bryan. He and his team at the Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine, have been working "to determine the importance of dietary nitrite and nitrate consumption as a means to prevent and treat cardiovascular and other diseases associated with nitric oxide insufficiency in the diet"...

    "A good 'rule of thumb' that can be generally used as a guide to whether something is good for us of not, is to think back to the diet of our ancestors. Humans didn’t evolve with hot dogs, and obviously didn’t suffer from hot dog deficiency diseases!"