Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama laughingly says, "I’m here all week, try the veal"

The corpse-munching POTUS laughed about having his audience choke down some murdered baby cow parts as he isn't going anywhere.

How telling this latest embarrassment proves.

Speaking at the White House Correspondent's Association dinner, Barack Obama made light of his freshman year as he advised, "I’m here all week, try the veal"

Mrs. Cow and her stolen, murdered, and butchered baby are not amused ... nor am I.

Batten down the hatches for what is going to be four more years---maybe 8 years if the Earth survives the all-consuming Obama---of hellish veal-munching at everyone's expense.

Obama is the Lizard Foundation's number one corpse-muncher in their war against humanity.

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  1. Is Obama deliberatly insulting animal rights activist by eating these baby cow and goose corpsus? He is from Chicago he must have heard about the treatment of geese to produce his precious foie gras.There was a campaign to ban it in Chicago.I believe that he is knowingly disrespecting all AR activist. He has to know exactly what he's doing.

    We need to protest these things at the whitehouse 1600 Pennsyvania ave,along with his betrayal of the homeless dogs, PETA, this could make a great photo op and get a message out.

  2. I wonder how he would feel if world war broke out and his children were taken away from him to be slaughtered? Fair comparrison? Yes.

  3. Obama is just being a middle of the road normalize american. He is not intentionally trying to harm a movement. The problem is we built him up as some kind of hero because unlike Hilary he doesn't wear fur, and unlike Palin he doesn't hunt wolves.

    Realize that people either feel sad or mad at animal abuse. Those that feel sad are usually on the side of animal welfare, and this proves that is a useless direction to ever take. Those that feel mad, however are on the side of animal abolition. And are more likely to be vegan and make real change.

    Obama is probably sad that animals suffer, but won't cry over it, because he doesn't want to get his Steak wet with tears.

    Daniel Manahan

  4. Mr. Warwak, you you sound cool and I would really like to meet you. Maybe we could grab a burger sometime?

  5. Animals that eat meat are 'carnivores' and humans are not one of them, anon