Sunday, July 5, 2009

White House Fourth of July Barbeque: Tax-payer money spent on ground-up cow and pig anuses and penises, moldy pus and blood and beer

The disgrace.

"In order to keep our people healthy and provide more efficient treatment we need to promote smart preventative care, like cancer screenings and better nutrition" Barack Obama

Are we leading/living by example or just spewing empty words/philosophy?

Obama fed over 1200 corpse-munchers hamburgers, hotdogs, cheese, ice cream and beer on the South Portico of the White House lawn yesterday at tax-payer expense and I wasn't invited. Had I attended, I could have had a sit-down with the corpse-muncer-in-chief and pressed him on his lack of humanity.

“All ancient philosophy was oriented toward the simplicity of life and taught a certain kind of modesty in one’s need. In light of this, the few philosophic vegetarians have done more for mankind than all new philosophers, and as long as philosophers do not take courage to seek out a totally changed way of life and to demonstrate it by their example, they are worth nothing.” Nietzsche

Naturally Obama spoke more shit: "Although this backyard is a little bit unique, our gathering tonight is not so different from gatherings that are taking place all across the country, in parks and fields and backyards all across America. In small towns and big cities, folks are firing up grills, laughing with family and friends, and laying out a blanket in preparation for the big show. They're reliving the simple, unmistakable joys of being an American." Barack Obama

Then the corpse-muncher used the day to rally continued patriotic support for his wars. Speaking to some children soldiers, Obama pledged more weapons to murder total strangers with and more kudos for complying: "The United States of America is proud of you. I'm proud to be your Commander-in-Chief. And that's why, this Fourth of July, I renew my pledge to each and every one of you -- that for as long as I have that immeasurable honor, you will always have the equipment and support you need to get the job done" Barack Obama

Do you know how to read the corpse-muncher's double/triple speak?

In plain English: Obama will do everything he can to ensure we will always be a corpse-munching nation at war

Heil Obama!

"In addition to being unacceptable in its own stead, violence towards animals is linked with violent behavior in general... Strong [animal cruelty] penalties are important and I support them... As president, I'd continue to make sure that we treat animal cruelty like the serious crime it is and address its connection to broader patterns of violence." Barack "I like Barbeque" Obama

Duh ... ya think?

War is not vegan.

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