Saturday, August 1, 2009

Herd mentality hard at work as corpse-munchers defend their status quo

Vegan Teacher appears on The Bob Rivers Show, Seattle's Classic Rock Station, CBS Radio in WA WKZOK 102.5

"Chicago-area vegan middle school teacher Dave Warwak was fired for lecturing on veganism during his art classes says he won't return to work until the school cafeteria serves only vegan lunches"

Listen here:

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  1. This show should be called: "The Vegan Inquisition"... They throw everything at you from abortion to "are you against jesus"... and i thought that was bad... but when the callers start, the cross-examination gets even worse.

    If I can do a fraction as well with Trent as you did with this Bob Rivers aberration, I'll be happy.

    You're freaking awesome! You just don't let anyone lead you where you don't want to go!

    Seriously impressive.

  2. Dave how ever did you keep your cool!
    These are such ignorant SOBs
    Yes this is the VEGAN inquisition.
    Bob is ignorant.
    Nutritionally he has no clue.
    He knows nothing about humane education.

    People like Dave deserve a medal!
    Dave you are a brave trailblazer!

    Everyone Read the China Study... Meat and Dairy are Poison!

    I went Vegan and am getting stronger, have more energy, lowered my high blood pressure and brought my cholesterol from 270 down to 114 among a few other health problems that I have eliminated like bloating and stomach cramps and constipation.

    Everyone should read the China Study and soon there will also be a documentary out called FORKS over KNIFES. Dave help is on the way!