Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Abolitionist Approaches the Wrong Direction

Gary Francione: “Inasmuch as I maintain the necessity of revolution, let me make clear what I mean. I am absolutely and unequivocally opposed to any sort of violence directed toward humans or nonhuman. I am firmly committed to the principle of non-violence. The revolution I seek is one from the heart: I try to get people -- especially other men -- to question and reject violence”

Gary, like everyone else, is not 100% correct about everything. Some are more wrong than others. One of the things Gary is wrong about is nonviolence. Gary doesn't understand: Violence is the only thing some corpse-munchers understand. They just can't understand peace, love, compassion, logic, real science, ecology, humanity, or even common fucking sense for that matter. The subject is not even up for discussion. They don’t want to change and just toss your leaflets.

Grovel and shower the corpse-munchers with flowers until they cave for veggies is the cry of the friendly abolitionist. The corpse-munchers in charge of the Holocaust only understand violence – no matter how cool, beautiful, and loving we think we are.

Peace loving nonviolent vegans allow/enable violence to continue on a massive scale just because they don't "believe in" violence. No one is asking them to "believe in" anything. Only to realize, the hour is way late and we are not dealing with the open-minded or rational; but, we are denied by stunted children in adult bodies who have inherited the tools to prevent reason from taking away their toys. They need a good spanking.

We fight today so we can have peace tomorrow.

Note added September 1, 2009: Since the writing of this, my thoughts have evolved on the subject of violence. Gary actually has this one correct:

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  1. Exactly! Why is this so hard for vegans to understand? We're talking about violent selfish people who have a vested interest in maintaining the holocaust.

    "Agriculture is now a mechanized food industry, in essence the same as the manufacture of corpses in the gas chambers and death camps." -Nazi Martin Heidegger

  2. If "violence" is directed to the non-living I cannot see it as "violence"... I've even questioned several meat-eaters: "Can I be violent against a chair, or book or table?" Even they see the difference.

    So if some can claim that they just "love animals" but still eat them - Guess I'm more than reasonable in saying I deplore violence yet hole heartedly support direct action.

    Perhaps I'm a very evil person for wanting to see some buildings "torch"ered? And if so - so be it! I know who the "terrorists" are - I know who among us cries and bleeds - bricks & stones do not!