Monday, August 17, 2009

Barack Obama phoned me, Dave Warwak

BARACK OBAMA: I have heard a lot about you Mr. Warwak … can I call you Dave?


BARACK OBAMA: Now in the interest of honesty, some of the things you have said about me and my family are well … disturbing to say the least. For instance, this business about me being the Antichrist. I mean, come on Dave, you’re a smart guy.

DAVE WARWAK: Well, I like to play Devil’s advocate, so I guess you could say, we are on the same side. But seriously, imagine if you are the Devil himself. Do you think you would know it? Maybe you would believe you do no wrong and are the most powerful man in the world because you are so cool. Maybe.

BARACK OBAMA: Wow, not sure how to take that.

DAVE WARWAK: Take it for what it is. When are you going vegan?

At which point our connection was lost and he never called me back. WTF?

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  1. No Way, Dave!!! Are you serious? I can't tell.

  2. Yes, he called me. It could have been someone fucking with me, but it sure did sound like him. And too, I thought if it was someone fucking with me, why would they just hang up? You would think they would drag it out for a good laugh. Anyways, the number showed-up on my caller ID as blocked.

  3. Better be careful if there's a knock at the door.

    You're on the radar, dude!

    NICE JOB! :D

  4. Dear Barack Obama, you and your animal flesh eating friends in Congress as well as Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey and their family members should visit a factory farm and slaughterhouse for an entire day.
    All of you should make sure to bring your children so together you can appreciate the entire horrific process and completely unnecessary *government authorized* murder of innocent, helpless, precious irreplaceable animals. What could be more fun or more rewarding. What a wonderful way to raise your children. Mr. President, please take the time to view the following video and think carefully about the profound and factual messages. Do this for all humans, all animals, the earth, and the earth's atmosphere. When you have finished thinking about the facts and suggestions in the video ask yourself if you think it would be wise to stop eating animal flesh? Would it be wise for your family, especially your children to stop eating animal flesh? Would it be wise if you told the entire world that you and your family will no longer eat animal flesh. Please take the time to view the following video, you will be glad you did!!

  5. It's a "commodity" thing - Cattle = Cash

    HEY! I've got a great idea! Let's effect a change in the market through DEMAND!!!

    Oh... never mind - Taxpayers are funding billions to the animal ag folks to prop up their failing industry.

    Uhhh - Can you say: Totally corrupt, f*cked up system??? Sucks to be so powerless in this "free economy". :(

  6. dear barack obama,

    stop playing god. visit a factory farm. go vegan. grow a pair.

    yours truly,