Saturday, August 15, 2009

I thought I was a bad-ass

Michael Vick says he’s been involved in dog fighting since the age of 8 years old and that "nobody ever told me it was wrong to fight dogs.”

I can personally identify with this because no one ever told me being a fishing guide was wrong. My dad taught me how to fish and I didn't come to my senses (because most vegans are so quiet/ineffective at getting the word out) until I was 43 years old. No one ever told me eating meat was wrong. I had to figure that out on my own as well. So Vick got his wakeup from society and I think it is great that society did its job for once. Now if only we could realize the continued mass-murder of 75 million of our friends for food everyday is far worse than what Vick did. Where are all these self-righteous vegans jumping on their co-workers' while they are eating our friends in plain sight 3 times a day? Where are all these self-righteous vegans when schools are feeding children murdered diseased animals and their cancerous nasties?

Don't ever complain about how fucking stupid and brainwashed corpse-munchers are, or about how impossible this whole thing is, if you are afraid to/don't tell the children about veganism now before they become the full and complete indoctrinated selfish ugly sorts that we fight with today.

Either lay off Vick or start treating every corpse-muncher the way they should be treated - like criminals (some ignorantly participate in crime; while, others knowingly commit crimes against humanity and have no intention of changing in this lifetime - treat accordingly), with the people in charge as the worst offenders brainwashing children in schools across the country.

If Vick wants my forgiveness, he must go vegan. Then we should embrace him in the movement as an activist. Don't forget, Howard Lyman was a rancher and Steve Hindi was a hunter and I was a fishing guide and we were all fucking corpse-munchers. Maybe what Vick did is worse on a different level, but, the important thing is, what is going on now – there are plenty of villains out there and if Vick wants to educate children about compassion, I say great … providing he goes vegan, otherwise he needs to shut the fuck up. And in the meantime, we should be concentrating on children, schools, Obama, and the corpse-munchers who are in our lives – not Vick if he goes vegan and helps children understand about compassion/veganism.

And you may argue, "but I doubt that fishing satisfied any kind of sadistic bloodlust"

In a way, it did. I didn’t realize it at the time. My warped mindset at the time, thought; the more the fish stuggled to stay alive, the better the fight, the better/healthier the meat was/tasted. The life and death struggle of an innocent being---with death the end game---so I could eat it would qualify as blood lust if you were to ask the fish. Mrs. Fish might deliver even a far more harsh evaluation, if we could understand her cries. I was so far removed from reality, I would fillet fish still alive. I am still ashamed. Anyways … my point is, I didn’t realize at the time, I was doing anything wrong because that is how I was raised. This just illustrates how important it is that we reach the children now as they are being fooled as we speak. Hunting and fishing and dog-fighting and ranching and corpse-munching are all being taught to children everywhere right now, so you can plan on not seeing a vegan world in our lifetime unless we opt to get honest with children and/or resort to violence.

A man is defined by what he does, more than what he has done … in life and death.

"The faults of the superior man are like the eclipses of the sun and moon. He has his faults, and all men see them; he changes again, and all men look up to him." Confucius

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  1. Yeah, I guess when he goes vegan I'll give him a pass.

    But, yes, if vegans don't reach out to kids who are not yet hardened, then everything else we do is just a bunch of whining!

  2. good post warwak. actions do speak louder than words.

    i'm not the type of guy to turn a blind eye to anything, especially senseless violence, oppression and the oppression, the ritualistic and brutal confinement and the sadistic mass slaughter of the innocents. by the millions. everyday.

    each one of us is a victim, whether we choose to realize this or not.

    people need to realize this is wrong. no matter how forceful and colorful this happens to be painted by the mainstream mass media corporate conglomerates.

    michael vick represents everything that is wrong with northamerica today, playing the game and being a resolute sell out. yet another "brain on dead" witless complacent drone.

    on the bright side...a first hand look that there is nothing even remotely resembling justice here in america. the true corner stones for AETA and the PATRIOT act are oppression, genocide, imperialism and injustice. it can only get worse.

    one for whom living a compassionate and cruelty free life is not in the cards. our pc drone masters have spoken, and what a cruel tale they tell.