Sunday, February 1, 2009

The devil made me do it

"Now is the time when all of us need to score more touchdowns and win the game, just as chicken wings have done with Super Bowl Sunday. Let's build our marketing team so it includes doctors, nutritionists, school officials and producers and use visuals of our strong, healthy farm kids to take back our market share while we improve the health of consumers around the world" Trent Loos

To Trent Loos:

Yes, we know your evil lies and what you have been doing. We know you plan on spreading your evil for a long time. Yes, we know. Good thing for you, mindless corpse-munchers gravitate to a leader like you, ... you know, to lead them with strategies--a fellow corpse-muncher, pus-chugging, menstrual-slurpin' apathetic ignorant drone who loves gnawing on "happy meat".

Yes, you want more big pharm reps cozying up nice and tight with brainwashed corpse-munching "doctors" and "nutritionalists" with their free samples, bogus TV ads, and skewed dairy industry funded studies.

School officials and producers using strong visuals? You must mean more of those Milk Mustache' posters you love to hang in indoctrination centers---you call schools---across America.

Farmers are really just grown-up boys getting away with murder. These bad men are immature selfish little boys who have acquired the power to prevent reason from taking away their toys. Yes, I am talking about you Trent Loos. You are a very bad boy. The worst of the lot.

Healthy farm kids? No more! We have told the children.

Thank you Trent Loos for outlining so clearly how you plan to continue your madness. We are not stupid and we know how to use the internet you brain-dead freak of nature.

An Associate,

Corpse-munching Trent Loos promotes animal agriculture. You can find more of his bullshit at

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  1. "Farmers are really just grown-up boys getting away with murder." Yes indeed, if you factor in that they are getting paid to do such - one might even consider them "hit men"?

    "Corpse munching" and "menstrual-slurpin'"... You certainly have no problem with eloquent descriptions do you? LOL -

  2. Have you come across the Food Matters DVD?
    This is a great way, using doctors and nutritionists, to get the positive message across about food, agriculture and big pharma.

    (this is my first visit to your blog, via Humane Education, so maybe you have commented on the DVD before...)

    Merryn Ironmonger

  3. You put a face on the fearless leader of the ignorant apathetic drones. And what a face it is! A black heart of evil hidden under a not-very-intimidating caricature-like persona.

    People need to understand that the medical profession and the pharms are all part of the same system. Trent and the food producers pump toxins and disease into society; and doctors and drug companies make their money addressing the symptoms.

    Go vegan -- eliminate misery and illness -- or die!

  4. Quite frankly I'd rather die. And when I'm gone you can clean up the shit I left behind.