Thursday, February 5, 2009

A letter sent to my students

"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny." Thomas Jefferson (1778)

I know some of you would prefer not to know, but it really pisses me off what Krause and Mahaffy have done to you. They don’t want you to know what you ate and they are still feeding it to your little brothers and sisters. They thought they could silence me by firing me. They only want your money and could give a shit about your wellbeing and futures.

In April of 2007 when I was trying to warn you guys (before they shut me down) with my peep lesson, Jerry (not the sharpest knife in the drawer) fed you taco meat and meatballs (384 lbs processed by JTM and diverted to FRG) that was made from beef from Westland Hallmark. In Feb. 2008 the government recalled 143 million pounds of beef – yes, after you ate it. This is very serious.

Why the recall? Because of Mad Cow. What is Mad Cow? It is a bovine disease that turns cow’s brains soft and they die over a two week period. When humans eat beef from a Mad Cow, there is a small prion particle that likes to latch on in your brain which incubates into CJD. The incubation period is 10-60 years. When you turn 25 years old, you may think you have the rest of your life ahead of you, but your life may only last 2 more weeks---2 weeks of terrible screaming pain as your brain goes soft. CJD is 100% fatal. This pod cast---aired on last Saturday morning (1/31/09)---features Tina Volpe interviewing Howard Lyman----the world’s foremost authority on Mad Cow. He was a cattle rancher who knows first hand what happens and how it continues---about the 143 million pound recall and details your odds of coming down with CJD in as little as 8 years from now (you ate in 2 years ago). Lyman also mentions Dr. T. Colin Campbell PhD. (author of The China Study) as the world’s foremost authority on diet who conducted the most comprehensive study of diet ever performed. Dr. Campbell testified under oath at my hearing (when FRG fired me) and is documented in my book (for those of you that have it).

If you don’t believe me---and you shouldn’t believe whatever people tell you---connect the dots with this info and then go on the web and do your own research. The government and schools hide this info from you.

Please stop eating meat, cheese, milk, and eggs. All animal products are tumor-feed as outlined in The China Study. Please warn your little brothers and sisters not to eat the school lunch.

This is the Humane Society’s undercover video that prompted the recall.

Of course if you talk to the government, schools, and big businesses (they really don’t care about you) or other uneducated sorts (ignorance) who don't care about much (apathy), they will all assure you the risk was minimal; however, they only tell you that bullshit hoping you won’t worry---they want you to be apathetic like them---and they don't want to take responsibility for their actions which they continue to practice to this day. They know most of the USA is ignorant, brainwashed and apathetic. They think what you don't know, won't hurt you, and when it does, you won't know why or be able bodied enough to chase after their evil asses. Can it be the drugs they inject into cows might make you apathetic? Regardless of the cause, people are apathetic – there is no doubt.

Ever wonder why they put fluoride in the water supply? Why not JUST in toothpaste? They tell you it’s to make your teeth strong. Fluoride is a topical that you put ON your teeth and does nothing for your teeth when INGESTED. The Nazi’s used fluoride for mind control to make people apathetic so they will believe and do whatever they are told. Regardless of the cause, people are apathetic – there is no doubt. No one questions much of anything.

Be sure to listen to this pod cast and you will know the truth about your government and schools. Howard Lyman is the leading expert about Mad Cow/Bio Spongiform Encephalitis (BSE)/Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD) who has nothing to lose by informing people about these things; whereas, the government, schools, and businesses have everything to lose if you find out. Ask yourself this, ... if there was no problem, why would they recall 143 MILLION LBS of ground-up cows? That is a lot of money, especially since that is the only thing these low-lifes really care about. Yeah right, no problem, no one has gotten sick – NO SHIT! CJD takes at least 10 years to incubate before your brain literally becomes a sponge. CJD is 100% fatal. Then they have the nerve to say, “Don’t worry, the risk is minimal, no one has gotten sick” --- YET!

The really sad thing is that people believe their lies and continue eating that shit (E-coli is shit). Don’t ever say no one warned you. If you were lucky enough to avoid Jerry’s Nacho Day and Meatball Subs, do you want to put yourself at continued risk by eating “beef” ever again?

The National School Lunch (NSL) program is a dumping ground for garbage (what schools call food) that the government uses to bailout farmers who can't sell their shit anywhere else (most countries will not buy "beef" from the USA). The same food goes to prisoners and the elderly in nursing homes as these people (children, prisoners, and the elderly) are not educated and have no power.

The rest of the world knows the truth because their news stations, industrial complexes, and governments don’t censor news the way our big-brother actively hides information from its own citizens. They don't want "panic". Smart people are finding out anyway thanks to the internet. The truth shall set you free. Are you smart enough to recognize the truth? I know most of you are.

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  1. And as if all these risks associated with meat and dairy weren't enough... just recently there is this: Cured meats tied to childhood leukemia:

    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Children who regularly eat cured meats like bacon and hot dogs may have a heightened risk of leukemia, while vegetables and soy products may help protect against cancer, a new study suggests.

    How much more will it take for them to finally "get it"?