Saturday, December 13, 2008

District 3 sure bad food not served in schools

Happy meat my ass! Nothing "happy" about murder! No matter what anyone tells you, eating the carcass of a once living being is unnecessary and is physically, socially, mentally, spiritually, and ecologically damaging.

More lies, ...

District 3 sure bad food not served in schools


Former Fox River Grove Middle School art teacher Dave Warwak returned Monday to speak to his former employer about the food the district is serving to its students.

He also spoke about his termination last fall.

Last September, the School Board fired Warwak for allegedly teaching students about following a vegan diet during class time. Warwak is a vegan who avoids using animal products of any kind.

During the public comment segment of Monday's Board of Education meeting, Warwak alleged that 384 pounds of meat contaminated with mad cow disease were fed to Fox River Grove Middle School students.

"It takes some 10 to 15 years for it to incubate -- the prion," Warwak said. "It latches onto a brain cell.

"This is serious stuff," he continued. "I tried warning you about it before. You didn't want to listen."

Warwak also told the School Board he has contacted the State Board of Education to investigate his termination.

District 3 Superintendent Jackie Krause said the district has already made sure it has not served contaminated food that was part of a recent meat recall.

"We received from the State Board of Education a listing of products and numbers associated with those products," Krause said. "We took a look if we had any of those items on hand or as reasonably far back as records could tell if we had those on hand, and we did not." For more on this story, read the March 6, 2008 issue of the Cary-Grove Countryside.

No kidding Jackie Krause, you don't have any "on hand" - you already fed the recalled beef to the children back in April and the months after in 2007.
Click here to see what the people in charge want to feed you but don't want you to know!

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