Monday, December 8, 2008

Dec. 16: Press conference & vote on Humane Education

What we present as normal shapes young attitudes towards life.

Compliance with New York State's 1947 Humane Education law is one of the League of Humane Voters of New York City's top priorities as we seek to get humane education into schools. Working together with Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers, we've discovered that the law, which requires instruction on the humane care and treatment of animals, is unknown to most educators. To correct this major problem, LOHV-NYC asks Council Members to open doors with letters to principals in their districts and also to help with funding. More than two years ago, we also suggested a resolution would help. That became Resolution 497, which will finally be voted on at a public hearing of the City Council's Education Committee on December 16.

Resolution 497, sponsored by Council Member Tony Avella (D-Queens) and co-sponsored by 41 (out of 51) other Council Members, urges the New York City Department of Education to help schools comply with New York State's humane education law by issuing an informative memo to all public schools in the city. The resolution also mentions studies confirming the strong correlation between childhood animal cruelty and later interpersonal abuse.

"We like to think of humane education as the 4th 'R' - reading, writing, arithmetic and respect for all living beings; they're all crucial parts of a wholesome education. Society benefits tremendously from having humane education in the classroom. With Resolution 497's passage in the Education Committee and the entire City Council, we hope that the City will finally begin to comply with State law and bring humane education into every school in every neighborhood and in all the boroughs," said John Phillips, executive director of the League of Humane Voters of New York City.

Take Action!

1) Call your Council Member and tell him or her that our kids deserve humane education. Urge a vote for Resolution 497. To find out who your Council Member is, click here or email us with your address:

2) Attend our press conference with HEART and Council Member Avella on the steps of City Hall on December 16th at noon. Afterwards, join us for the vote!

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