Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Get them while they are young and they are yours forever

Normally intelligent fine people never question much of anything under the trance of meat and dairy and that--especially when coupled with the idea--whatever the status quo is, must be normal and right. Conformity and denial allows otherwise good people to eat meat and drink milk unimpeded as no locust in a swarm feels individually responsible for the ravaged crops left in its wake.

People should be outraged at what the meat and dairy industries have done to our parents, us, and now our children in schools--the very places our children trust more than anything to deliver truth and to model how to behave and survive in the world.

We have been bought and sold long ago and now they are coming after our children.

Sad to think, most parents are ignorant and apathetic as they have adopted schools’ "they are only kids" attitude that further explains "we can’t change, this is how we were raised".

We have choices. We can go with the status quo and do to our children what the meat and dairy industries have done to our parents and us; or, we can avoid the nonsense and tell children the truth about meat and dairy today. Silence is complicity.

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