Monday, February 16, 2009

NEWSFLASH: FRG School District 3 is on the case!

And this straight from the Fox River Grove School District 3 web site:

Cafeteria Corner

With the recent peanut butter Salmonella Typhimurium scare and recall of Peanut Corporation of America peanut-containing products, we continue to monitor the FDA National web site: At this time our cafeteria is selling Smucker’s Uncrustable Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches which have been deemed safe. If you have any questions regarding the recall, please contact:
Gerardo Cappellania
Food Services Director

What a sick joke! This school district did everything possible to avoid notifying the community---even went so far as to deny serving it to children---of the 143 million lb recall of ground-up bovine corpses; yet, they have no problem pretending like they are watching out for your children by demonizing peanut butter. They even provide a link to recall information. Wow, we should all feel so safe with such educated caring corpse-munchers on the case. Thank you Gerardo Cappellania!

So what? Rats get into a peanut plant and leave poop on things. E-coli is on corpses three times a day. So what? People eat cow shit everyday. So what? People eat corpses everyday. So what? So what is so shocking about some rats in a peanut plant.

Truth be told, FRG SD 3 served-up 384 lbs of mad cow taco meat and meatballs to students ... but hey, they are all over PB & J sandwiches.

Have corpse-munchers stopped buying corpses? Have corpse-munchers thrown-out all their cadavers? Have corpse-munchers stopped buying anything with milk or eggs (tumor-feed) in it?

Corpse-munchers make me wanna go eat a spinach salad and a PB sandwich.

This garbage goes on all the time only a billion times worse in animal agriculture. You would think corpse-munchers have never heard of factory farming. Well, the FRG SD 3 BOE and everyone else in FRG has heard of mad cow and factory farming and knows what a vegan is (thanks to yours truly). So now that they know, where are their priorities? Not with the genuine care of the children. Not with recalled beef; but, with PB & J sandwiches. Business as usual in La La Land.

When the school makes $80,000 in lunch sales---from free and reduced "commodities"---and then receives $31,000 every year from the USDA as a reward for particpating in the National School Lunch program, their genuine care for children just gets tossed into the wind.

They think what you don’t know, won’t hurt you, and when it does, you won’t know why or be able bodied enough to chase after their evil asses.

When you visit the school's web site, don't be fooled. These money-hungry corpse-munchers could give a rat's ass dipped in PB about children.

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