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More lies from the Devil himself ...

Milking the system a bad idea. (Loos Tales)
Publication: Feedstuffs
Publication Date: 17-SEP-07
Author: Loos, Trent
2007 Miller Publishing Company, Inc.

I DON'T know how many times I have been told, "Don't leave town without a gallon of milk!" on my way home from a trip.

Yes, my girls could all be poster children for milk, and as it turns out, that should be a good thing.

"Got Milk" posters are plastered around lunchrooms across the country, and some school boards have gone so far as to remove all soda and juice machines from school property. In their place, they have added flavored milk, yogurt drinks and water.

Still, there always seems to be a rebel in the bunch. Regardless of how many scientists and doctors tell you that milk is essential for growing young minds and bodies, the vegans, with their anti-agricultural agendas, will eventually surface, and sometimes, they show up where they can do the most damage: in our schools, which are filled with impressionable young minds!

Such was the case in Fox River Grove Middle School in suburban Chicago, Ill. Teacher Dave Warwak, who just went vegan in January, felt compelled to share the so-called truths of organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) with his eighth-grade students after he denounced the posters promoting dairy products and said they were "brainwashing kids at an early age."

This is ironic when you think of how PETA and HSUS have "trained" elementary teachers to distribute their anti-meat and dairy materials and even developed lesson plans and worksheets gullible teachers can use to "educate" students on their views.

Based not on science but strictly on an agenda of removing livestock production and the consumption of all animal products, these materials do not provide any actual facts but, rather, use emotion and scare tactics to convince unsuspecting young minds that they are harming animals by choosing diets that are not vegan in nature.

Warwak was asked to leave the premises of the school last week, and the school board will decide his fate in the near future.

Nonetheless, Warwak has the usual band of supporters. PETA plans to name him its "Compassionate Educator." Bruce Friedrich of PETA said, "The school was stamping its vote of support on a product that promotes cruelty to animals and harms children." Again, regardless of the scientific facts about children, calcium and bone density, PETA won't quit playing the same old broken record.

The local Mercy for Animals chapter offered a free vegan meal to the staff and school as a way to "ease the tension."

If Warwak, Friedrich and all of the other "believers" want to take the word of radicals over that of science, let them deal with osteoporosis, hip replacements, false teeth and everything else that might befall them because of their poor choices--and let them pay for all of this health care for themselves rather than forcing the taxpayers to pick up the tab for their ignorance.

After all, isn't it about time people in this country start accepting responsibility for their choices?

I am not, however, willing to let them impose their slanted views on my children or any of the children in our schools, for that matter. Let's fight for what's right and let these radicals be accountable for their misleading attempts to corrupt young minds.

The corpse-munching lizard parading around in human skin delusional Trent Loos can be found at

And some sanity from Dr. Will Tuttle,

“For the school board to claim that Dave Warwak turned his classroom into a "zone of indoctrination" is not only ironic, but ludicrous. It is clear that the entire school is a zone of indoctrination, complete with posters promoting dairy products and a cafeteria offering a continuous supply of foods derived from terrified and abused animals. The school and its teachers and administrators present this cruelty as normal in an overwhelmingly pervasive way to impressionable children. The school is itself an institution embedded in a culture that uses all its other institutions to do exactly the same thing. Dave Warwak was providing a small counterpoint of awareness, compassion, and sensitivity to this flood of indoctrination to which all children in our culture are routinely subjected and for this he could not be tolerated. That he should be painted by the school board and media as the "indoctrinator" is beyond absurd, and what is astonishing is how difficult this is for most people to comprehend. Dave Warwak was creative and honest in his efforts to help students rise above culturally-imposed attitudes of violence and cruelty toward animals, and because of this he was viewed as dangerous to the status quo. In actuality, he was fulfilling a higher mandate, and for this he deserves respect and honor, not the disrespect and abuse that he has been forced to endure for questioning a culture that is ferocious in its routine cruelty toward billions of animals used for food.” Dr. Will Tuttle PhD., author of The World Peace Diet

Cindy Pilz, 42, of Fox River Grove, described Warwak as a likable person and talented artist who was popular among students in part because he treated them as equals. Pilz said, “But his curriculum on veganism was self-serving”.

Oh come on Cindy, veganism is about being respectful, responsible and caring of others and allowing children to have all sides of issues that matter to them most … about their own bodies and future survival on Earth---pertaining to have anything and everything to do with their lives … including veganism---and is not a self-serving agenda for a good teacher who cares about his world and has to look his students in the eyes everyday. Silence is complicity.

My art curriculum’s highest goals are to show how artists shape and guide the values and morals of society. I showed this with the false (art) commercial advertising---the dairy industry’s Milk Mustache’ posters---shamelessly displayed in the student cafeteria.

The real issue was---and still is---the school’s refusal to discuss these matters and their intentional crimes against humanity.

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  1. I consider Trent Loos quite an evil man myself... His comments about the ill health people will face if they discontinue consuming animal products is ridiculous. Whenever I read anything written by him - I'm always given hope; for if this is the "best" animal ag has to offer - they are in miserable, pitiful shape.

  2. I do believe, that prostrate cancer and breast cancer are connected to milk/meat diet! There is no doubt, that we eat about 4 x too much animal protein in ohh so many ways. Milk is in just about everything! Just look at the choice of cheeses available, or the choices of milk, icecreams, they all have meat protein. How many are you consuming? Not too mention the highly toxic processed meats like ham and salami! We have lost all perspective on how much protein a human actually needs! And there is pus in every cup of milk. YUK!

  3. It's laughable to say that Vegans are indoctrinating children. That coming from a liar like Trent Loos. He has no conscience, people like him are pure evil and are directly contributing to cancer by fore feeding milk and dairy to children. I am glad I do not have children if I did they would NEVER set food in a public school. That would have to be over my dead body!