Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love getting hate-mail from anonymous corpse-munchers

"my goodness i swear all you vegans Have No sence of humor! you take life to seriously.. LAUGH a LITTLE joke A BIT... get the stick out of your ass!" Anonymous Corpse-muncher

"My goodness. I swear, all you corpse-munchers think everything is a big joke. You don't take life seriously. Cry a little, care a bit. Get the cadaver out of your corpse-hole" Warwak

Quite a leap

It is strange to say the least, the very thing they accuse me of, they are far guiltier than I. This is the same phenomena/absurd campaign corpse-munchers use to justify their nasty selfish addictions. In reality, all they do is vent and identify their own moral deficits and fears.

Ignorance, time and time again, imposes its absurdities in complete opposition to reality. This creates paradoxes that one can identify and use to formulate and solve oxymoronic equations. Ignorance fades as its illogicalities are identified and the truth is exposed, enabling change.

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  1. I like you, Dave. I'm a raw vegan (difficult winter), and feel that when it comes to the food chain, lower is better.

  2. once again, you amaze me with your way with words, and how you so articulately express everything that I feel in a really cool, somehow funny way.
    I love " get the corpse out of your pie hole" hilarious! :)
    love ya!