Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Troubled malaise urgently needs a plan of action

I went on the hill with Malcolm X to meditate on:

“We’ll get liberation by letting corpse-munchers know that we’ll do anything to get abolition; then we’ll get it…when we stay radical long enough and get enough vegans to be like us, we’ll get our freedom”

It is clear those evil sorts in control have no intention of changing in this lifetime. Furthermore, they will devote their last dying breath to defend the status quo to allow them one more meal unimpeded.

When lives and the ultimate future of all of humanity in the Universe are at stake, troubled malaise urgently needs a plan of action that is dramatic, thoughtful and effective in its actions to combat the ongoing perpetual campaign of intense indoctrination of the next generation of---now children---corpse-munchers only to fight change in the future.

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