Friday, April 17, 2009

Public schools promote violence

As a former fishing guide of 30 years and teacher of over 10 years, I feel qualified to elaborate about children, teaching, and fishing. A quiet morning of fishing with junior and the subsequent fish fry bury skeletons deeper in our stomachs than one's subconscious might imagine.

Teaching impressionable children to fish only teaches these unsuspecting and trusting minds that animals are inconsequential and ours to use in any way. Adopting an apathetic attitude toward animal life only opens the door to an inconsequential attitude toward human life.

Schools and teachers promote murder and participate in major societal lies. Our children are indoctrinated into a violent society just as we were.

Public schools should be ashamed to participate in the IHSA’s Bass Fishing tournaments perpetuating harm to others. Fishing desensitizes children and instills disrespect for life.

Imagine being violently hauled by a hook through your face---or worse, down your throat---into a foreign environment where you can’t breathe only to be mishandled and thrown back before dying from the trauma shortly after.

Some things are more important than blind tradition and hereditary ignorance – important things like free thought, honesty and teaching children life’s ultimate lesson. Thou shalt not kill.

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1 comment:

  1. Very well said Dave. It's that, as you put it "blind tradition" thing that gets me going, my thoughts flying through the roof, that kills me. Sometimes looking apathy and ignorance straight in the eye is a very hard thing to do. there just is no plausible excuse for malice, violence and greed.

    and i do appreciate the undeniable fact that you have the courage and sincerity for telling it like it is.