Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lock-up your children! There's a mad-man on the loose!

Andy Elliott at 8:50pm March 24
Haha, I wanted to eat duck last night.

Concerned poster: at 8:52pm March 24
Soooo, you decided to make your profile picture a nasty duck liver/vagina? How about a much better duck picture instead.

Andy Elliott at 8:57pm March 24
Nah, foie gras is much better.

Jason Miller at 9:13pm April 3
What's the point of arguing with these morally retarded barbarians? It's painfully obvious that we are dealing with sociopathic individuals. A profound inability to experience empathy. Boasting of torturing and murdering helpless sentient beings. Sending "fuck you" photos while flashing a deranged, rictus grin. A "proud" participant in the genocide... of imperial US conquests. They are both a waste of oxygen. May the Animal God smite these pusillanimous fucks down with his/her mighty paw. Then we can put their corpses to good use by grinding them up and feeding them to companion animals. Though as putrid as they are, I'm not certain my pit bull would be able to stomach their detestable flesh. Maybe the answer would be to liquify their remains and flush them down the sewer from which they emerged....

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  1. This guy on the photo, Andy Elliott, looks quite scary. His eyes are devilish...and his comments are evil. What a scary man he is.

  2. Yes I agree... he looks (and sounds) like a frightening sociopath.