Sunday, April 5, 2009

I died for your evil corpse-hole - a letter to a most unfortunate associate

Dear Corpse-muncher,

First off let me just say this, “Fuck you”

And fuck your friends and families for generations to come

My ancestors are yours; yet, you wantonly ingest the death of yourself when you eat me

As you die a slow cancerous self-induced death, may all the suffering you have caused others be thrust upon your wretched soul before you are crapped into the cold ground only to become earthenware at best, while we live on forever

I sincerely hope you enjoy my bloody butchered self you evil robber-of-life for I know my existence---thanks to you---was as miserable as the next worthless soul’s only left to meditate on the suffering and pain so it would become part of my flesh so when you selfish cold-hearted murderous sorts ingest my misery, it will become yours

Like I said, “Fuck you”

Unfortunately yours,

The corpse on your plate

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  1. My sentiments as well... May I undersign your letter?

  2. Unfortunately I still eat meat. I hate myself for it all the time. :( Perhaps it will be easier once I flee my home and go off to live by myself. It seems to most children now a days you can not be a vegan/vegetarians unless your parents allow it (most parents are very forcefull of the issue) or your parents become vegans/vegetiarians as well. Most meat eaters are at fault because of parents, it's been passed down generation after generation. Not only that they see a bunch of advertisements that pretty much bribe kids into getting burgers and other such food (Ex. McDonalds gives out toys but you have to buy a happy meal with chicken nuggets and burgers). If we change the usual and pass vegan/vegetarian ways down generation after generation then a new world could happen! The question is how, though? There are many already standing on the side of animals but just as many standing on the side of animal eaters. It's too orderly in that sense and order brings on chaos. The way the world is heading is choas. People like you, me, and so many others want to bring on a change and make the numbers of vegans/vegetarians grow. How though?


  4. dear despairs life,

    if as you state, you wish to bring on a change and make the numbers of veg*ans grow; the way to get there is start at the root. you must be the change you wish to see in the world. it sounds like you are planning to once you are free of the pressures from family. i hope that happens soon! and if not, that you can find strength to do what's right for the animals, your health and the environment. this can be hard when you don't have support from loved ones, but there are others systems you can use! perhaps, you can show your family and friends a kinder way in leading by example!

  5. such lovely people these fundamentalist zealots...

  6. To Despairs Life Loli,
    I hope you don`t expect sympathy.
    Stop blaming everyone else for your disgusting personal choice.
    The moment you began to realize that eating meat was wrong, it bacame your responsibility to stop.
    It`s no longer mommy`s or daddy`s fault for what you shove into your mouth, chew & swallow. Does anyone have you "Hog tied" being roasted alive, forcing you to ingest? Don`t tell me how mad you are at yourself & yet you still continue to take part in this disgusting ritual that goes on at most America`s tables.
    "Pehaps it will be easier once you flee your home"?!!! Are you kidding me? How old are you? 7? Give me a break! No adult can be forced to do anything. Or are the animals you eat paying your rent? It`s time for you to "flee your home" Now! Or at least stand up against the act of being the meat eater that "you hate yourself" for being. Stop crying about how awful you feel about eating meat, you sound like an idiot & `im so sick of people like you.
    Don`t you dare group yourself in with the defenseless, unsuspecting children who are being fed stupidity & insanity that they do not yet understand. There is no excuse for you. You should despise yourself for what you do to animals & the earth.
    You asked how to make the numbers of vegans/vegetarians grow? Well it sure ain`t gonna happen by shoving another corpse into your face! It starts with you!(call me scepticle, but i find it hard to believe that you don`t already know that)
    It definately sounds like it`s time for you to grow up, pay your own rent, or maybe something as simple as doing your own food shopping for non-animal products.Whatever it`s gonna be, it`s time to start now.

  7. To "Te Farmer"
    Yes we are, we`re the best...& the healthiest!

  8. Damn that's one smart mothafuckin' pig to be writing a letter like that! Gotta be smarter than that Arnold from Green Acres!

  9. turn your back on meat. stop being a MURDERER!!! because that's what you are... you don't have to be the one holding the knife to be a part of a never ending cruelty.just because you dont see the animal when you buy your pork chops,doesn't mean it hasn't bled and suffered. shame to all blood suckers!! SHAME!!!