Friday, April 10, 2009

Shut your mouth bitch!

I received this from a former student:

Unfortunately I still eat meat. I hate myself for it all the time. :( Perhaps it will be easier once I flee my home and go off to live by myself. It seems to most children now a days you can not be a vegan/vegetarians unless your parents allow it (most parents are very forceful of the issue) or your parents become vegans/vegetarians as well. Most meat eaters are at fault because of parents, it's been passed down generation after generation.

Not only that they see a bunch of advertisements that pretty much bribe kids into getting burgers and other such food (Ex. McDonalds gives out toys but you have to buy a happy meal with chicken nuggets and burgers). If we change the usual and pass vegan/vegetarian ways down generation after generation then a new world could happen! The question is how, though?

There are many already standing on the side of animals but just as many standing on the side of animal eaters. It's too orderly in that sense and order brings on chaos. The way the world is heading is chaos.

People like you, me, and so many others want to bring on a change and make the numbers of vegans/vegetarians grow. How though?

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