Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dear Corpse-muncher

Rape is rape, plain and stupid as the happy pus in your glass you fucking corpse-muncher

I am vegan

You must be like me or die

I don't appreciate you or your corpse-munching, runny menstrual tumor-feed slurping, bovine pus, blood and hormone chugging ways, you weak selfish insignificant bully

And if any of you corpse-munchers refuse to go vegan, then you should all dig six-foot holes in the ground and crawl inside like the sub-human, brain-dead life-forms you are so you can put us all out of your misery

And if any of you corpse-munchers whine out of desperation before escaping into your holes, "Let's agree to disagree," I will be all over your pus-chugging corpse-holes like blood-red paint on a fur coat

Get the cadaver out of your corpse-hole you blood-sucking murderer and stop fucking with my friends

Choke on a chicken bone and die mother-fucker before the slow kill of your tumor-feed makes your children cry

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