Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine flu in USA

The virus is usually contracted through direct contact with pigs, but Joseph Domenech, chief of animal health service at U.N. Food and Agriculture Agency in Rome, said all indications were that the virus is being spread through human-to-human transmission"

Swine flu mutates. Cooks who handle raw flu infected butchered pig corpses release airborne contaminants and may even under-cook said corpses and feed to others … especially in the school lunch environment.

The flu then mutates and spreads human to human.

Watch the cover-up unfold as our government goes out of its way to keep its own citizens in the dark and protect companies like JBS-Swift & Company and Smithfield Foods---responsible for the Smithfield’s Swine Flu Virus which could exterminate millions in the coming year/approaching flu season this fall---while the world bans our pork, we continue feeding it to trusting corpse-munchers in the USA

Good enough for USA. Not so with China and Russia.

Imports of pork from a JBS-Swift & Company pork slaughter plant in Louisville, Kentucky has been barred from doing business with Russia after April 29th. China has said, “No more” as well.

And what is the pork industry’s response?

The Bureau of Animal Industry is coordinating with the provincial and city veterinary offices to monitor the situation.

Catbagan said swine farmers’ vaccination programs presently cover hog cholera, porcine respiratory reproductive syndrome (PRRS), and Ebola Reston.

Hmmm ... when corpse-munchers eat pig parts, they are ingesting whatever drugs the pig was pumped with. Can you say tumor-feed?

And they wonder why vaccines and antibiotics no longer work. Corpse-munchers have been ingesting whatever drugs factory-farming pumps into pigs to get them to market.

"Just cook it" is the USDA's answer. Wouldn't want the pork industry to suffer during these trying times.

The USDA says there's no danger from pig corpses. Since when should we take our cue from the corrupt USDA? Why all the pork bans from other countries? Why are large numbers of children in schools getting sick?

Corpse-munchers ruin everything they come in contact with = the world.

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  1. This is obscene.

    Enough! Go Vegan or Die. Appropriate on so many levels.