Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Schools Indoctrinate Children Into Violence

By Dr. Will Tuttle PhD.

For the school board to claim that Dave Warwak turned his classroom into a "zone of indoctrination" is not only ironic, but ludicrous. It is clear that the entire school is a zone of indoctrination, complete with posters promoting dairy products and a cafeteria offering a continuous supply of foods derived from terrified and abused animals. The school and its teachers and administrators present this cruelty as normal in an overwhelmingly pervasive way to impressionable children. The school is itself an institution embedded in a culture that uses all its other institutions to do exactly the same thing. Dave Warwak was providing a small counterpoint of awareness, compassion, and sensitivity to this flood of indoctrination to which all children in our culture are routinely subjected and for this he could not be tolerated. That he should be painted by the school board and media as the "indoctrinator" is beyond absurd, and what is astonishing is how difficult this is for most people to comprehend. Dave Warwak was creative and honest in his efforts to help students rise above culturally-imposed attitudes of violence and cruelty toward animals, and because of this he was viewed as dangerous to the status quo. In actuality, he was fulfilling a higher mandate, and for this he deserves respect and honor, not the disrespect and abuse that he has been forced to endure for questioning a culture that is ferocious in its routine cruelty toward billions of animals used for food.

Dr. Will Tuttle PhD. is the author of The World Peace Diet

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