Monday, January 12, 2009

Naming a rock a banana does not make it "food"

What people refuse to understand is that bad people are confining my friends and torturing them. They are pumping my friends full of drugs and then slitting their throats. Then they are naming my friends "food" when they never really were food. And when schools feed trusting children my chopped-up friends that have feces all over them and diseases so nasty like Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease which can develop in my friends' heads in the next 10-15 years, I have to object.

I have to object when schools feed unsuspecting children bovine breast milk--complete with its blood and pus--that is rife with drugs, heavy hormones, and cancers. Furthermore, humans are the only specie in the animal kingdom to drink breast milk beyond infancy. If that is not condemning enough for those who make excuses for everything--oh, and I have heard all those lame ass excuses my friends--wonder about this: Humans are the only animal specie to drink the breast milk of another specie. Double whammy indeed!

And the final nail in the school lunch milk carton coffin? The dairy industry’s nasty, nasty, nasty secret: Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) is shared by only two species - a very rare event indeed! IGF-I is identical in humans and cows. And while I have your attention, we might as well hammer another nail in that milk carton coffin. Guess what mom and dad? While you’re busy at work, your school is promoting TUMOR FEED as a treat with sugar and chocolate added to make unsuspecting little Sarah Jane drink up – got milk cancer?

Hey dairy industry, fuck you and your evil plot to go after children. And double fuck you public education for allowing it. And triple fuck you to the USDA and all those crooked slime-balls who they sleep with. America is bloody. It’s time to wash the blood off your hands America. Humane Education reinforced with a vegan lunch will end school shootings and create a generation that cares. A generation that saves Earth and themselves by going vegan.

"IGF-I reacts in a synergistic manner with estrogen, and plays a role in the growth and proliferation of ovarian cancer." Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, Feb. 1994, 78(2)

When we are talking about children’s lives and when we are talking about our children living some 10 to 12 years longer, I do not want to play games or worry about people’s pride. Especially when dealing with such horrific things as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Truth be told, each day this goes on now that we know is an embarrassment to anyone who does nothing. I at least am outraged and not afraid to say so. Even more important, I am not one to keep secrets no matter what they have you believe. And now that news is out, just as Mr. Cappellania was worried what the kids would think of him, the world now knows what the Illinois State Board of Education thinks about children and truth.

The world expects the following:
1. Remove all commercial advertising in all schools.
2. Plant-based diets taught along side meat and dairy diets as part of the required curriculum so students have a choice.
3. Offer a plant-based hot lunch alterative as varied as the meat-based hot lunches so the students may have a reasonable choice.
4. Soy milk offering so the children may have a choice
5. All Illinois food service directors are to read “The China Study” and “The Food Revolution”
6. Phase out all animal products from the school lunch menu within the next school year with full compliance no later than Dec 21, 2012.
7. Withhold State $$$ from schools who refuse to instruct teachers about animals in humane education in their required annual in-service trainings.

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  1. Interesting video on the "food lobby group" that controls what meals kids are given in schools - All corporate giants... from Pepsi to pork - everyone has an interest in feeding their unhealthy (death) products to kids - It's vulgar.