Thursday, January 22, 2009

Read Some Of The Reasons Why You May Qualify!

If Hell Really Does Exist, Most Humans In The World, Will Probably End Up There

By Arthur Poletti

Are you one of the millions of callous, unaware, delusional, brain dead, immune from empathy, ill-fated humans in the world that willingly and thoughtlessly condones and supports some or most of the massive, completely unnecessary hideous forms of never ending torture and brutal premature deaths of millions of precious creatures everyday?

The most repulsive, gruesome, unimaginable tragedy’s that happen everyday are overwhelmingly supported by most people in the world, including most religious and government leaders. The never ending worst possible kinds of completely unnecessary forms of cruelty and sufferings forced upon the innocent, helpless, animal race represent the worst crimes in history.

Wise up now! Do not be unwilling or reluctant to know the real truth. Become aware now of why you and those whom you love should not participate, support, promote, or condone any of the many different types of despicable and sickening forms of cruelty to animals.

“You might be shocked to know that in the United States alone approximately 660,000 animals are killed for meat every hour. A surprising quantity of animal flesh is consumed. In a 72 year lifetime, the average American consumes approximately 11 cattle, 3 lambs and/or sheep, 23 hogs, 45 turkeys, 1,100 chickens and 862 pounds of fish. Bon appetite!” Source: Himalayan Academy, California & Hawaii

“While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal conditions on this earth?” George Bernard Shaw

Please read the articles and view the videos listed below revealing some of the many man made disgustingly cruel forms of torture and death to millions of precious and irreplaceable animals every day and then ask yourself, “Do I really want to continue supporting any of this?” Ask yourself, “Do I really think that in the end I will get away with it?”

(1) Factory Farms, Slaughterhouses, Animal Testing (Authorized torture and murder)
(2) Turkey Slaughter (What a way to prepare for a happy Thanksgiving!)
(3) Cat and Dog Slaughter (Pets just like yours)
(4) Rabbit Slaughter (Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail)
(5) Fur Farms (Imagine how horrible your life would be without fur. NOT!)
(6) Hunting (Do you really want to teach your children this is okay?)
(7) Circus Cruelty (See what happens behind the scenes)
(8) Bull Fighting ("Man is a clever animal who behaves like an imbecile" Albert Schweitzer)
(9) Rodeo Cruelty (For people that are immune to kindness)
(10) Dog Fighting (Pets just like yours)
(11) Bear, Fox, Rhino, Deer, Seals, Elephants, Whales (They were not put on Earth for this)

Animal flesh eaters, hunters, factory and slaughterhouse workers, animal testing workers, circus, rodeo, dog and bull fighting fans, together you can play a huge role in changing society to a kinder, safer, healthier place to live and to thrive, in peace and harmony with the earth.

For the sake of all animals, all humans, the Earth, and her atmosphere, please change as the hour is very late.

Arthur Poletti is the author of the short story: *God Does Not Eat Meat*
Read for free online at:

Consider volunteering to promote the most magnificent *free* online one hour documentary film ever produced titled: *A Sacred Duty*

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1 comment:

  1. Wow... that's quite a list there - we never quite realize what is being done to animals till we start trying to name some that aren't being exploited. I always come up blank... In this country we don't think much about the kangaroos, dolphins, whales, foxes, pea-fowl, gorillas, apes, etc... but they are all somewhere too, being hunted, eviserated, displaced, bred, killed and butchered just like all the rest.

    And it's insane to think that any "God" would call this less than blasphemous.