Friday, January 16, 2009

False Assurances and Reality

After the Westland Hallmark 143 million pound “beef” recall in 2008, many people were (and still are) relieved the #2 supplier to the school lunch program was busted and that such unethical despicable behavior has been halted. Don't be fooled. Nothing has changed. Cows are still being fed ground up cows. The meat and dairy industries will do what they want. It was (and still is) against the law to drag cows around with forklifts, yet they did it anyway. Laws are a waste of time. Attitudes change the times, and then laws follow. Trying to change the law first rarely works. Attitudes change laws. We have had laws on the books since 1906; yet, they are not followed and are only in place to appease those who don’t have ice running through their veins from objecting.

Case in point:

The four primary requirements of the Meat Inspection Act of 1906 were:

Mandatory inspection of livestock before slaughter (cattle, sheep, goats, equines, swine, chickens);

Mandatory postmortem inspection of every carcass;

Sanitary standards established for slaughterhouses and meat processing plants;

Authorized U.S. Department of Agriculture ongoing monitoring and inspection of slaughter and processing operations.

After 1906, many additional laws to further standardize the meat industry and the USDA's methods of inspection were passed.

Yet, in 2008, we have this garbage going on:

The USDA is in deep denial regarding the presence of Mad Cow in the USA

Don't be fooled by the USDA’s false assurances, the holocaust is alive and well and growing worldwide. The USDA lies to continue one more meal unimpeded and so they may collect one more bribe. Nothing has changed. Children in school are still in grave danger everyday they stand in line for their ribwiches and Salisbury steaks.

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1 comment:

  1. Right you are... I have a two point comment to make: 1) Did you see that CJD is anticipating a second waves of death in Ireland? Officials are saying now it may take much longer for the disease to manifest than originally thought:
    And 2) About the "Humane Slaughter Act" - when I first discovered how animals were being treated I thought these people surly were doing something "illegal"... I searched "the act" inside over again - 2 miserable little sentences about "welfare of the animal" in all those thousands of pages - pathetic!

    The meat industry along with FSIS and USDA are the mosty lying bunch of murdering bullies imaginable...

    Thanks for your post - yes, parents ought to be concerned if they're feeding their kids "meat".