Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dave’s Absurdities

Ignorance, time and time again, imposes its absurdities in complete opposition to reality. This creates paradoxes that one can identify and use to formulate and solve oxymoronic equations. Ignorance fades as its illogicalities are identified and the truth is exposed, enabling change. This idea spurned the writing of, Dave’s Absurdities:

Absurd how corpse-munchers claim high and mighty vegans are judgmental of others; while, the robbers-of-life are the ones playing high and mighty gods passing judgment on our friends claiming animals are insignificant lesser beings unworthy of life.

Absurd how corpse-munchers claim vegans are terrorists trying to destroy their world through violent means; while the robbers-of-life have no problem turning their eyes blind---and claiming their right--- to destroy our world through violent means. Those who demand violence on their plates are in no position to call us violent.

Absurd our corpse-munching POTUS wins a Nobel Peace Prize while in a meeting to order 40,000 more of other people’s children for his war; thereby delaying his disrespectful death sentences by 4 weeks so as not to seem too war-like.

Bad men are just immature selfish little boys who have acquired the power to prevent reason from taking away their toys. A good man helps the bad man improve himself by unearthing and embracing his soul.

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