Friday, May 29, 2009

DANGER! There's a corpse-muncher at the helm!

"I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other. It’s very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals" Barack Obama

WTF? Yes, it is of the utmost of importance that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty perpetrated on animals; because in the end, that is how we treat each other. Barack Obama demonstrates how righteous his words are by his selfish disconnected apathetic deeds/poor example. Do as I say, not as I do.

This could explain the corpse-muncher's hunger for our nation's children for his reptilian wars and lack of concern/action/intervention in the National School Lunch Program and starvation. Plenty of time for war and hamburger jaunts though.

"If you want to change the world, the change has to happen with you first" Barack Obama

It is a crime against humanity to decide that children shall stumble and die early deaths so that those in control may eat and work as they wish.

"If we reduced obesity down to the rates that existed in 1980, we would save the Medicare system a trillion dollars. We would reduce diabetes rates. We would reduce heart disease ... It is important for us to re-examine our overall food policy so that we're encouraging good habits and not bad habits. For example, just making sure there are more fruits and vegetables in school lunch programs. That would make an enormous difference in how our children's diets develop. That would make us healthier over the long term. It would cut our health care costs and maybe it would help people elsewhere in the world, who are in less wealthy countries, feed themselves as well." Barack Obama

40,000 children die of starvation everyday Mr. President. Ooops, I'm sorry ... you already know ... you just don't care. And yet, instead of dropping bombs we could be dropping food. Where is your love Mr. President? Who is your master? Can you say, "Satan?"

Seems getting animal products out of children's lives is last on the corpse-muncher's list of worthwhile endeavors. Feeding starving/dying children and saving $1,000,000,000,000 and children living longer in a healthier world are not big priorities and may never be dealt with in a world of presidential silver forks and gourmet corpse-samplings. Everyday is another chance to eat. Blood-sucking Obama is having way too much fun dining on misery and death at his fancy dinners---at everyone's expense---to embrace real change. Tomorrow never comes.

"Bad men live to eat; whereas, good men eat to live" Socrates.

Robber-of-life Obama is the Lizard Foundation’s most valuable corpse-muncher in their war against humanity.

Never trust a corpse-muncher ... especially with important issues like life and death.

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