Sunday, May 24, 2009

Corpse-munching press refuses to cover Veggie Pride Parade in NYC

Censorship: the suppression of speech or deletion of communicative material which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the government or media organizations as determined by a censor.

Six hundred and fifty vegans marching down the streets of a major city’s old meat-packing district and then holding a 4 hour rally with speakers, vegan foods and literature is not news according to every newspaper and media outlet in New York City. Yes, believe it or not, this is 2009 AD.

The New York Times, The New York Daily News, NBC and every other corpse-munching capitalist media ogre chose to run stories on anything but vegan news the day after the protest against the status quo.

Martin Luther King Jr. ran into similar problems with the racist white man’s media machine and its indoctrination, repression and suppression in their refusal to cover King when he held marches and rallies.

The meatia’s refusal to cover vegan news is a major victory for animal rights activists. The “professionals” have not only given up their corpse-munching souls and future generations in their demand for steady streams of cadavers to feed their all-consuming and always hungry selfish corpse-holes, but in desperation, they also abandoned their own sacred “unbiased press” in exchange for one more meal unimpeded exposing their last weak attempt/act at hiding the truth. Now their attempts at censorship are obvious to everyone. We must give great thanks to the meatia for putting all their losing cards on the table for all to see … or not see.

The blood-suckers never mind or report on the countless recalls of animal products; and yet, these same corpse-munching losers (society refers to as journalists) have plenty of time and space to cover recalls of tomatoes, spinach, peppers and peanut butter.

Can you say, “Evil?”

Solution: Vegans cover and report on our own events using our own media. You can find awesome coverage of Pamela Rice's way cool Veggie Pride Parade on Youtube, Flicker, Facebook (unless corpse-munchers deleted your account) and various blogs and sites across the web.

The expression conspiracy of silence, or culture of silence, relates to a condition or matter which is known to exist, but by tacit communal unspoken consensus is not talked about or acknowledged. Commonly such matters are considered culturally shameful. Many Christian corpse-munchers view vegans/veganism as culturally shameful/evil and agree with non-religious corpse-munchers who view vegans/veganism as a major threat to the thing they enjoy most in life ... stuffing cadavers in their wretched corpse-holes.

EDITOR: Hey Jeff, the vegans are at it again. Can you run down to the old meat-packing district and do a story on the Veggie Pride Parade and post rally?

JEFF: I hate covering that vegan shit. How about instead ... we grab some lunch at Dick's Crab House? I'll buy.

EDITOR: I'll grab my coat. I like the way you think.

WARWAK: Fucking grow-up and evolve already. Join the human race.

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  1. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it for myself. I even checked the little local papers (the ones I could remember) in the boroughs. Nothing. Not a word.

    Somehow, I'm betting there will be all kinds of coverage of roasted-corpse genocide-parties today (Memorial Day).

    We gotta start making noise... instead of playing quietly among ourselves!

  2. Wow... No coverage. So much for responsible journalism. And I agree with Camille's comments before me - odds are there will be news reports galore of the fun had grilling all sorts of animal species over the weekend. Very sad.

    But Dave... speaking of religion (and animal rights) - I don't know if you heard an animal ag podcast with an interview with a minister... and his take on why animal rights shouldn't matter.

    I think you'd find it interesting... More info is on my blog - if you're curious...

    Ditto on "making noise".

  3. Problem: censorship

    Solution: we saturate the discussion sections of major newspapers (op-ed, letters to the editors, forums) with the word comments discussing veganism. anywhere we can work it in. get the word out there.

    if they won't do it, let's use their established media to advance our agenda.

    bea, i'd like to check out your blog if you can post a link.

  4. Hi Camille... I agree with "censorship"... but we are lead to believe the media and press operate in a "free" environment - HA,HA,HA!
    Anyway, here's this minister's bantering and my interpretation of his message of animal killing as "a duty to faith".

    Thanks for asking - stay the good fight :)