Saturday, January 29, 2011

Child Slavery and Murder for Sale on Venice Beach

There is a wicked man selling endangered species encased in plastic on the boardwalk. Seeing such a sight, one can't help but feel remorse for all the lost souls and sheer horror tangled in the beauty of nature and the stark reality of a sick bizarre graveyard designed to make money.

Children are sent into the killing fields to find anything that moves or shits and then murder the poor critters and encase them in plastic -- sold for pennies ... or another day of abuse, murder, and existence.

So I painted the robber-of-life encased in plastic and paraded my painting in front of his display warning children and parents not to purchase his sale-priced death in a box.

Thanks to my efforts, the disconnected corpse-muncher didn't make one penny today ... much like the children in the killing fields.

The old man called the police on me three times, but I didn't stop as I was exercising my free speech and am on the side of good. He sicked his pitbull on me and I called the police. After pulling my pants down in front of everyone to show the bite mark on my ass to the paramedics, police, and onlookers, I proclaimed, "I will never stop campaigning against evil and until he takes his bad karma off the boardwalk, I will make sure his wallet hurts everyday."

Wherever I go, there I am. Silence in complicity, as is tolerance. I can't wait for tomorrow!

Video by Ben Hur

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