Saturday, January 29, 2011

Animal Rescue on Venice Beach

Around 8:00 AM this morning I was speaking with the Venice Beach Police, and through our conversation, discovered there was a turkey a mile down the boardwalk. I immediately ran down the boardwalk where I found a large gathering of people watching a pit-bull harass the gentle turkey.

I quickly offered up the last of my ---$10.00---for my feathered friend. The homeless woman who had a bra tied around the turkey's neck gladly took the money in exchange for the turkey; while, the homeless corpse-munchers salivated at the thought of a turkey dinner and made scary remarks.

I picked her up and carried her back to my paintings and made some calls. Animal Acres agreed to take on a new family member and a ride was arranged. While waiting, I held and bonded with my friend.

As I was holding her, the owners came by my display wanting her back. The owner is a chef who was given the turkey to butcher and cook for Thanksgiving. The chef couldn't bear murdering the poor soul; however, his roommate threw the turkey by the feet in an alleyway where a homeless woman found her and tied a bra around her neck and brought her down to the board walk to make some cash. No way in hell I was giving up my new friend to the hands of a corpse-munching chef. I told him to take a hike, she's mine now.

Our friend is now safe and sound to live out her natural born days at Animal Acres. I plan on visiting her and know she will recognize me and be the beautiful gentle soul she was today.

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