Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dave must die

I am getting many messages of love wondering what happened to me.

“Where did Dave go?”

People who know me understand I always try to be my best---and to be a nice man in everything I do---and that I especially watch out for others - often at the expense of my own livelihood.

Never one to keep secrets---as some suggest I have done---I feel compelled to be honest with my friends - no matter how ugly the truth may be.

I went for a walk and was 'jumped' in the park near my house by three hooded men who held me down and kicked me in the ribs. The bullies mashed my face in dog shit and told me to stay away from Fox River Grove. “Stay away from our children!” is nailed in my mind. One of the hooded men, had a voice I recognized as FRG School District 3 Board of Education, Steve Knar.

Of course they didn’t silence me. I refuse to help evil people hide loving truth from trusting, impressionable children. I still walk in the park despite hooded demons hiding behind the hills and trees.

The Williams Bay police department watched me closely---to protect my safety---when I went out on my walks.

I go walking through the woods near my house and use an old plastic spray bottle---filled with urine---to spread human scent in hopes of scaring-off deer that might be passing through the Kishwauketoe bow-and-arrow hunting "Nature Conservancy." One day, I happened across a bully in a camouflage tent who was waiting for a buck to cross the field. I didn’t notice the demon's evil trap until I was within several feet of him.

Startled, I asked, “What are you doing?” (I know - stupid question.)

He answered, “Waiting for the sun to set, when deer cross the field - then I can shoot em.”

I asked, “Is that legal?” (I know - another stupid question.)

And with his fully-cocked razor-tipped tri-blade arrow aimed directly at me, he answered, “Yes.”

Dumbfounded, I left the woods speechless.

The police no longer watch me to protect my safety. They still watch me, but now, they watch me because I am an Animal Rights activist.

We may never know for sure who damaged that hunter’s car, but since I am the only animal rights activist the police know of, they felt obligated to inform me, “I never even heard of a vegan until I learned of you. You are suspect number one.”

Of course I still walk in the woods despite armed murderous demons hiding in the bush who wish me ill will.

I have had many death threats since becoming a vocal vegan. I let these bullies know, the more they try to silence me, the louder I will get. And so it goes … the louder I get, the more they wish me dead. They say, “Dave must die.”

It is quite ironic that I say, “Go vegan or die!” now that I am the one on the chopping-block.

I have nightmares and even had a lucid 10 second vision of my death. In my vision, I am shot in the chest while walking in a busy city. The bullet piercing my heart felt so good.

And in May, for the 3rd year now, Pamela Rice has scheduled me to speak at the Veggie Pride Parade in Greenwich Village, New York.

Of course I will be there walking and speaking in the big city. I live for the VPP. There is no greater joy than publically standing-up against evil.

And so you may ask, “What happened to Dave?”

Just know this, if you never hear from me again - I loved you and had no other business in this world.

I tried my best to be a good man. I wanted to protect my friends from evil. Not much changed.

I had a Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Art Education and a Master of Arts in the Studio Art of Painting with 10 years experience teaching K-12 Art in public schools. I loved teaching. I was a good teacher. I loved my students enough to be honest with them. Schools no longer wish to employ my skills.

I was an Artist. Not many bought my paintings.

I was a writer. Not many bought my book.

I said all I had to say. Not many heard me.

I have no more business in this world.

Dave must die and it will feel so good.

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  1. Shocking story and I hope it does not play out according to your vision. So sad. I enjoy your site more than many others which are violent and mean spirited.

  2. Oh my God Dave? I too had wondered what happened to you. I read your blog and sometimes cross post some of yours to mine.

    My heart goes out to you.
    I am so shocked but at the same time not surprised. Since I began my vegan lifestyle for conscientious and health reasons (both go hand in hand)I have learned just how mean and ugly some people are.

    I know you are not alone but we are such a minority and so spread out that is is hard to get together in numbers to make a difference.

    You are a real trail blazer and brave to do what you do. I've had moments of sadness realizing that people are just NOT GETTING IT.

    Plugged in to the Matrix they are, dragging the kids down with them in a perpetual insane bloody cruel game they play. They hold so much power that they can even declare people like you and I as "Terrorist". I used to be a carnivorous and belonged to the other side, but believe me I was never cruel to anyone. I always was open to learn and understand and one day I got it. It was as if scales had fallen of my eyes and heart. I could never go back to eating or using anything that comes from death of the innocent. You were one of the first people that made me realized that you must stand up for what is right. You have sacrificed your career you are a hero to me. I can read between the lines of your blog and know you are very deeply frustrated.You have such a good heart, you deserve better then what this scum did to you.

    I wish I could say something to lift you up. But we really need you we need you to be strong.

    I wish I could come to NEW York to the Vegan Pride Parade but I'm in Georgia and broke. I am an artist too and seems nobody is buying since I came out as a Vegan. Maybe it's just the economy but I have a funny feeling it's connected to me being an OPEN Vegan.

    Why can't people see the love that we are trying to spread, the love and goodness we extend to our fellow Earthlings will come back a thousand time to us, why can't they understand the we must stop the violence against all living beings, if we ever except out children to live in a peaceful and healthy world.

    Chin up my friend. We need you!


  3. Yes we do need you so please don't go away!

  4. we live in a "consumerist" culture drenched in greed, apathy and casual DUMBYist indifference. don't underestimate the stupidity and arrogance of your average man dave warwak. most people live in denial, and don't really care about anything or anybody but themselves and their warped twisted ideas of success and happiness.

  5. Oi, me droogies gave you a spot of the old ultaviolence, eh? Pretty horrorshow actually.

  6. Vegans are civilized people. There are those who still want to live their lives in some imaginary cave.. (dead-animal munchers) I call that: uncivilized.


  7. I met you yesterday! Its so horrible how evil some people can be. I hope all is well with you !