Thursday, November 6, 2008

Killer Milk

Killer Milk
Mass Media Control

The Milk pushers are a powerful group, they bribed the Nixon administration for favors. Milk was wrongly placed in the food pyramid. Milk is pushed on children through the school lunch programs. Milk has impressively branded itself as the ultimate health food and most Americans would not even question milk as a health food.

But should we? Absolutely! Why? Because it is our duty.

The problem got very serious when the milk industry and chemical behemoth Monsanto got together. Farmers were tricked into giving cows drugs that increased milk production by huge amounts---increased profits $$$----sound familiar and guess what the FDA told us it was safe. Other countries and experts say NO!

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---Like all public elementary, middle and high schools, Fox River Grove only eligible for National School Lunch Program reimbursements if it promotes consumption of dairy products, including by putting up life-sized celebrity milk endorsement posters. These posters are sent unsolicited to schools by the National Dairy Council.

During Warwak's hearing, former Cornell University professor of nutritional biochemistry T. Colin Campbell testified that schools are harming their students by pushing dairy. source

National School Lunch Program means the program under which general cash-for-food assistance and special cash assistance are made available to schools. This part announces the policies and prescribes the general regulations with respect to the Special Milk Program for Children (the government subsidizes the Milk industry).

---Years later, as a high school freshman, I worked as an aide to the teacher who administered the free lunch program, helping her with the paperwork. She often noted that the school did nothing to verify eligibility; the only deterrents to massive fraud were honesty and shame. more here

---The government supports the NSLP through purchases of commodity food items, which schools depend upon heavily, typically comprising 20 percent of the foods they serve. And many of these foods are the unhealthy meats and cheeses gained from the USDA's industry bailout system. source


It is clear from these documents that the so-called calcium summit is, in reality, a carefully planned media blitz, planned and run by the largest public relations firm in the world, BSMG Worldwide. I've previously written about BSMG:

The most troubling part of the dairy industry marketing team, is that it includes police, media, USDA, public buildings, public money, and government subsidies. read this

Mass Media Control

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